Ravi Shastri and Zaheer Khan don’t think Indian cricketers need to play in overseas T20 tournaments

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After India’s crushing defeat by England in the T20 semi-final Globalism Cup 2022, there have been suggestions that the BCCI’s reluctance to ban active cricketers from playing in overseas T20 tournaments is proving harmful given the way players from other nations benefit.

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The likes of Joss Butler, Alex Hales and Adel Rashid – three of England’s best players in Australia after becoming world champions – all have experience playing in the Big Bash League which puts them in good stead during the fantastic event.

The legendary Anil Kumble called for permissiveness India Players to get an offer to play in leagues abroad. However, Ravi Shastri and Zaheer Khan believe that Indian cricketers play enough cricket both domestically and in the Indian Premier League.

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“There’s enough domestic cricket for all of these players to be absorbed into the system and get a chance,” Shastri told reporters on Thursday. “Plus, you get these India A tours, you get a lot of these other tours, where given the time, it might be You have two Indian teams playing in the future, where the others will have the opportunity to go somewhere else while India is in another country – to go play and see what you know they can do.

“So there is no need [to play in overseas leagues]They are quite good at playing IPL cricket and focus on domestic cricket. We want them to play domestic cricket in India as well.”

Zaheer also noted India’s strong domestic structure, and added that the BCCI has ensured players get the hang of outside conditions through shadow rounds and sees no reason to play in a “certain tournament”.

“I feel there are a lot of processes in place. It’s not just about playing franchise cricket, it’s about going to different countries to learn things. That’s something important, and you’ve seen with the BCCI through shadow tours, I think these processes are in its rightful place,” Zuhair said.

He continued, “I don’t see any other reason now for players to go and play in a particular tournament. What you have domestically now is also a strong structure. So why do we depend on others? We have enough means to produce good players. And you look at the strength of our bench as well, you can actually Play three formations, and they’ll be able to compete at any level.”

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