Ravi Shastri wants India to use its wealth of resources and follow England’s T20 model



In the past few years, England has transformed itself from playing in an outdated style to becoming the dominant leader in white-ball cricket in men’s international cricket.

This dominance was further emphasized when England won the T20 Globalism 2022 World Cup in Australia on November 13 at the MCG and become the first men’s team to hold 20 and more than 50 World Cup trophies at the same time.

The English model of white-ball dominance was something of a predecessor India Head coach Ravi Shastri wants the team to follow him and use his rich pool of talent as a route to the 2024 T20 World Cup as a team led by Hardik Pandya kicks off against New Zealand in a three-match T20I series starting on Friday in Wellington.

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“There is an opportunity with this team in the future to define player roles, see match-winners as well as their duties, and work very much on the England model. Because they are one team who really hit the bull by the horns after the 2016 (T20) World Cup (in fact, the 2015 ODI World Cup). ).

They went and sat down and said: We will change our resources. We are going to identify the best players for this format of the game – be it T20 or 50-over cricket,” said Shastri at a virtual press conference organized by Prime Video.

Shastri spoke further on how England have made a difference, especially in T20 cricket, “which means if there are some great players who are going to sit off the field, so be it. A lot needs to change.”

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“It’s a model that can be easily followed. India has a wealth of resources and I think they can start now from this tour. Because when you look at this team, it’s a fresh, young team, you can identify this team, get it ready and move it forward in a couple of years.”

Shastri was in complete agreement with substitute coach VVS Laxman’s remarks earlier today that India will need to play specialist players in their 20-plus commitments in the future.

“I think that’s the way forward. VVS is right. They will identify the specialists, especially with the youngsters because going forward, that has to be the mantra. Two years from now, define the Indian team and make it into a great field team and of course define the roles for these youngsters who can To be fearless. Go out there and play that kind of cricket without any baggage at all.”

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Aside from identifying the right group of players, England’s success has also come with quickly understanding the conditions and using comprehensive information such as data and analytics apart from the T20 franchise associations to boost their knowledge bank.

India’s former left-hander Zaheer Khan felt that if India were to take a leaf out of England’s book, they also needed to consider circumstances apart from clear communication and vigor in planning.

“In terms of approach, you have to play with the conditions as well. It’s raining here now, tomorrow it might not rain and it’s windy. You have to adapt and adapt to the conditions as quickly as possible. Every presentation is different and every country you tour is going to be different.”

“What matters is that communication within the team during the start of the match or before the match is something that will be important. You have the style of play that will determine the type of cricket you will play. But more than that, you have to be proactive and understand the circumstances as well as plan for different venues as well as pitches” .

India’s New Zealand tour will be broadcast live on Prime Video from November 18-30. T20I starts from 11am on 18th, 20th and 22nd November, while ODI starts from 6am on 25th, 27th and 30th November

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