Refrigerator Condenser Size and pipe length

Refrigerator Condenser Size

The condenser is the part of a refrigerator that cools the air inside. The condenser is located at the back of the fridge, and it also has a tube that runs to the back of the freezer section. And Refrigerator Condenser Size and length are very Important for HVAC Technician.

The refrigerant in a condenser is used to cool down the air in your fridge. You may see frost or ice on its coil when it’s running. This is normal because when this happens, your fridge will be able to maintain its temperature more efficiently.

When you’re not using your fridge for long periods, such as during winter when there’s less demand for cooling, you should turn off your condenser by flipping its switch on your circuit panel.

Table of Refrigerator Condenser Size and his pipe length

HP SizePipe Length
1/347 ft
1/440 ft
1/533 ft
1/627 ft
1/822 ft
1/1015 ft
1/1212 ft

How to calculate condenser size

A Condenser is the size of the area inside a building cooled by air conditioning.
The condenser size is calculated by multiplying an equivalent length, width, and height. The equal length and width are found by multiplying the actual length and width of the house by an efficiency ratio to find out how much area it can cool. The efficiency ratio depends on how well insulated a building is and what kind of climate it’s in.

The condenser size is calculated using this equation:

(length x width) x (height) x efficiency ratio = condenser size  

What is Refrigerator Condenser?

A refrigerator condenser is a device used to cool the refrigerant in a refrigerator. It is an essential component of the refrigeration cycle. The condenser removes heat from the refrigerant gas by transferring it to the surrounding air, cooled by contact with a cold surface such as an evaporator coil or fan-cooled radiator.
The purpose of a refrigerator condenser is to cool and liquefy the refrigerant gas so that it can be re-compressed and used again.