Regular Split System Servicing Can Go A Long Way In Giving You Comfort


An HVAC system that has both indoor and outdoor units is known as a split system. The uniqueness of this system is that they are interconnected with each other by copper tubes. Split system air conditioners have two units, such as indoor and outdoor unit. It is then either paired with a fan coil or a gas furnace that is located inside the home. You can install the outdoor unit on your exterior walls and prevent noise.

The Various Parts of Split Systems

There are many parts of a split system that require regular servicing. Let us now see what they are:

Split System Filters

Filters form an integral part of split systems. Split system service at regular intervals is important because they ensure that your filters are either replaced or thoroughly cleaned. If not done, then the filters tend to get choked and the efficiency of the system decreases.

Blocked filters not only reduce efficiency level of your split system, but they allow the air to bypass the filter which allows deposition of dirt in the evaporator coil and reduces the heat-absorbing capacity. Some of these filters can be reused while others need total replacement. In this case, you can search the best split system services online and choose a service center to get your filters cleaned.


The split system’s condenser coil and evaporator coil tends to gather dirt over time. So naturally, split system services by professionals are required to get the dirt removed. The dirt forms obstructions over the coil and reduces its efficiency. The same goes for your outdoor coils that gather dirt from the environment. Foliage should be at a minimum distance of 2 feet from the coils and you need to remove the dirt from the foliage of your split system.

Coil Fins

Fins made from aluminum on your condenser and evaporator coils bend very easily. This blocks the flow of air. It can be straightened with fin combs so that it comes back to its position of origin. But for this, you can get professional split system services done to keep it in proper working condition.

Drain Channels

Drain channels can be cleaned with stiff wires. If there is a blocked drain channel, there is increased humidity in the room that may cause other kinds of damage. So better to get your split system services done regularly.

When To Hire A Professional

You should look out for certain issues in your system, and if you find any issue in your air conditioners or HVAC system then you must call for split system services. The technician will check the follows and keep your split system functional:

  • Refrigerant should be adequate
  • Check out for refrigerant leakages with a detector
  • Evacuated refrigerants should be trapped by the technician instead of releasing it into the atmosphere
  • Central systems must be checked in their seal ducts
  • Airflow should be measured in the evaporator coil
  • Check for the right sequence in the electrical control
  • Electric terminals must be inspected, connections tightened and cleaned, and non-conductive seals must be applied if required
  • Look out for the oil motors and belts
  • Thermostat accuracy to be checked


As a consumer, you should look out for certain signs like the split system not turning on, fan not working, fungal growth in the system, cool air not coming out and a broken thermostat. If you are aware and alert, then you might be saved a lot in terms of money spent on spares and replacements. So whenever you face any such problems get your split system services done promptly.

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