Rohit Sharma blames bowlers for losing T20 WC in semi-finals, fans blast Indian Skipper



Indian hearts cricket Fans drowned when their team was knocked out in the semi-finals of the ICC T20 Championship Globalism Thursday Cup. Substandard performance from India The opening match massacre in England resulted in a modest 10-wicket defeat for Men in Blue. Although fans criticized and provoked the Indian team, captain Rohit Sharma in particular was attacked for his post-match comments about the team’s performance.

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When asked what went wrong in India, Captain Rohit blamed the archers. He stated that while the early-stage batting was not up to the mark, they did well to get the sum of each on the board. He also said it was the bowling effort that hampered their hopes of reaching the final.

“It’s very frustrating how we turned out today. I thought we were still playing well at the back end to get to that result, but we weren’t good enough with the ball. It was definitely not a small wicket where the team can come in and chase it in 16 times,” Rohit said. In a post-match interview, “With the ball we didn’t come today.”

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Fans were not happy with Rohit’s comments as they thought the beating was equally unsatisfactory. Many felt that openers Rohit and KL Rahul had failed to move forward and had piled pressure on the speculators to follow. Several users also highlighted the poor performance of the opening players in the tournament, especially against the big teams.

Here are some reactions from the angry fans:

One user said that the Indian captain was right about the bowlers in India, but he mistook them for throwing them under the bus.

Another fan said bowlers had a day off, but that could happen, especially when conditions aren’t favourable. He added that the poor powerplay hit by the openers was also a big reason for the loss.

One user felt that BCCI should make bold decisions after the World Cup. The user added that Rohit Sharma should be dropped from the captain and Hardik Pandya should lead the side.

The difference in the match was the opening pair of the semi-finals according to one user. “Rahul, Rohit and Rahul were gloomy while Butler and Halist made it into the match. It made all the difference, and Rohit blames the bowlers.”

After Butler won the lottery and was elected to the championship first, India was in a poor position for most of its innings. Rahul was out for a five-round run in the second half, and Rohit could only manage 27 out of 28. Star Men Virat Kohli Hardik Pandya’s late push helped India reach 168/6.

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However, the score was not enough to contain the England inaugural massacre that struck Indian bowlers and won the chase with more than four sums to spare. Butler and his men will now face Pakistan in the T20 World Cup Final on Sunday.

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