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Rohit Sharma hints at a major change regarding Rishabh Pant?

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It’s really interesting to understand the fact that Rishabh Pant sat completely outside of T20 Globalism The cup before playing his first match against Zimbabwe which was India’s last Super 12 match. Just 12 months ago, management was so preparing him for the future that veteran coach Redhaman Saha told him manager Rahul Dravid would be the one who would become the ‘key keeper’. But times have changed and how.

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It was Dinesh Karthik (DK) who played the second violin for the Delhi goalkeeper in the lead up to the tournament. Pant will “relax” among top players like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. This was the norm when India He toured the West Indies!

However, everything started to change in the Asian Cup when DK was introduced before Pant in the opening match against Pakistan. Since then, Pant has been doing all the catching up.

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Meanwhile, Rohit Sharma spoke ahead of the semi-final match against England, refuting claims that DK will eventually return, saying that “both will be in play”.

He added that the rationale for Pant playing against Zimbabwe was to give him “some time to play” because it was unfair to play him on the spot in a big game.

“Between Bant and DK, look I said in the last match too, Rishabh (Bant) was the only guy who couldn’t play in this round at all except for the two guys we played in Perth. So we wanted to give him some time to play and we wanted to have some options. If we were to make some changes in the semi-finals of the finals, it would be unfair for this guy to make him play the game,” he said in the pre-match press conference.

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“But again, we told the players that everyone has to prepare for whatever next game. But, it was tactical and also we didn’t know which team we were going to play in the semi-finals before the Zimbabwe game, so we wanted to give the left hand a chance to take on some of the spinners who were thrown in the middle for New Zealand and England. That was the thought.”

“What will happen tomorrow? I won’t be able to reveal now, but both will be in play.”

Moreover, the captain confirmed that he is fit to play after he got injured on his hands. Several reports mentioned how he took a breather after the impact, sending the press battalion and fans on social media into a rage.

“I had it yesterday yes, but it looks like he’s fine now.”

India will face England in the semi-finals at the Adelaide Oval Stadium. The India captain reflected on his 2-1 series win over the same opponents in July, adding that the dynamics of T20 cricket depends on performance on any given day.

“Beating a team like England in England is quite a challenge, so winning this series will give us some confidence. But at the same time we understand the dynamics of T20 cricket, it is good enough on a given day.”

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