Sam Curran, Adil Rashid tie Pakistan 137/8 in T20 World Cup final



Sam Curran and Adil Rashid put on a ball show as England curbed Pakistan to 137/8 in the 2022 T20 Final Globalism Melbourne cup packed cricket a land. The rain changed his plans and decided not to interfere in the first rounds of the summit match, and England took advantage of the cloudy conditions with a collective effort from the bowling unit.

It was a subpar performance from the Pakistani hitters after Joss Butler won the lottery and was elected first in Melbourne. English pacers put pressure on Mohamed Radwan and Babar Azam with a disciplined bowling game in the initial overs. After a cautious start, Radwan tried to break the shackles but was overpowered by Curran. The wicket hitter tried to cut it hard but clinched it to the stumps and was sent off on 14 (15).

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Rashid got the wicket on his first ball of the match as Muhammad sent off a guard of only 8 years as the young Pakistani hitter failed to hold his nerve on the big stage and threw the wicket away.

Babar struggled to make as big a shot as he liked in the big ticket final and Rashid took advantage of that by surprising him with an un-fault that he failed to read.

The Pakistan captain scored a crucial half-century in the semi-final against New Zealand, but found it difficult to face England on Sunday. He played again conservatively in powerplay and pressed himself. This was the first ball in the 12th half when Rashid hit it a bit and Babar was clueless against the oppressor and tried to cut it with no room in view which resulted in it being stuck and thrown while the English spinner made a good dive. Catch to win the game.

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Shan Masoud played a very important hit with 38 strikes from 28 balls in which he scored 2 fours and sixes, but he also became Curran’s victim in his quest for the big hits.

Iftikhar Ahmed had a memorable outing as he was knocked out on a duck by Ben Stokes, while Mohamad Nawaz also failed to feature for his team with the bats and left for 5.

Shadab Khan tried to put the finishing touch on Pakistan’s innings, but Chris Gorgan overtook him in time as he returned to the winger after scoring 20 points.

Meanwhile, Chris Jordan has an impressive final over Pakistan tied for 137/8 in 20 matches.

Curran was the shooters’ pick with three wickets, while Rashid and Jordan took two each. Stokes also managed to grab one in the big ticket final.

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