Samsung Inverter AC Error Code List

Samsung Inverter AC Error Code List

In this Post you can see Samsung Inverter AC Error Code List 2020. also follow fully4world for learn free online About RAC and HVAC. Error Code is very Important for every HVAC technician. Every Inverter AC have Error code to fix his Fault.

Samsung Inverter AC Error Code List 2022

Error CodesFault 
E464IPM Over Current overload
E461compressor not start
E473compressor blocking
E466DC Link card voltage error
E221outdoor temp. sensor
E416Discharge Temp. Overheat
E251Discharge temp. sensor
E468electric current sensor
E465compressor error
E237winding error of the temp. sensor
E202connection time (1 minute) expired
E458Fan Error(Outdoor)
E471OTP error
E467Compressor rotation/Wire Missing
E440operation condition secession Low
E441operation condition secession High
E469DC error of the voltage sensor
E462Trip error / PFC Over current
E554leak of refrigerant
E472zero crossing of the AC voltage
E556Capacity Miss-match
E121internal air temp. sensor is closed / cut off
E122evaporator temp. sensor closed / cut off
E154Indoor unit fan error
E101connection time (1 minute) exceeded
E186MPI error
E101Indoor TO Outdoor Wiring issuse
E102Indoor TO Outdoor Wiring issuse
E121ROOM Temp. sensor error
E154Fan Error (Indoor)
E162EEPROM(Indoor motor)
E231Cond Temp. Sensor
E422EEV or Valve Close error-Self diagnosis
E470EEPROM Data Error (no data)
E471EEPROM Data Error (Main Micom Inv Micom)
E474Heatsink Sensor Error
E483Over Voltage Protection
E484PFC Over Load
E485Input Current Sensor
E488AC Input Voltage Sensor
E500Heatsink Over Temperature Error
E554Gas Leak Error
E163Option Error
E203Time out Comm. (Inv Micom Main Micom)
E440over(Heating) Error
E441Prohibit Operation Condition Error (Cooling)
E112Indoor Coil Sensor Failure

Samsung Inverter AC Light blink Error codes

When the light on a Samsung inverter AC is blinking, it indicates a specific issue or status. Here is a short description of some common blinking patterns and their meanings:

  1. Blinking slowly (1-second interval): This typically indicates that the AC unit is in standby mode and is waiting for a command from the remote control to start or change its operation.
  2. Blinking rapidly (0.5-second interval): This could indicate a communication error between the remote control and the AC unit. Ensure that the remote control is properly paired with the AC unit and try pressing any button to establish a connection.
  3. Blinking in a specific pattern (e.g., 2 blinks, pause, 2 blinks): Different blinking patterns can indicate various error codes or malfunctions. Consult the user manual or refer to the manufacturer’s website for a detailed list of error codes and their corresponding meanings. Alternatively, you can contact Samsung customer support for assistance.

It’s important to note that the exact blinking patterns and their meanings can vary depending on the specific model and series of the Samsung inverter AC. Always refer to the user manual or contact Samsung directly for accurate information related to your specific AC unit.

LED indication :


◎ = LED Blinking

⚫ = LED ON

OOOPower Off / VDD NG
ONormal Operation
OOIPM Over Current (O.C)

Abnormal serial communication
(Display Board: indoor <-> Outdoor)
OOComp Starting error
ODC-link voltage under/over error
PFC over load / HW DC_link over
OOutdoor temp sensor error (Dual / Single)
ODischarge over temperature (Dual / Single)
ODischarge temp sensor error (Dual / Single)
Current sensor error / heat-sink sensor error
input current sensor error
OComp V limit error / heat sink over temp
coil temp sensor error (Dual / Single)
1min. Time out comm.
(Main <-> Inverter)
OOFan error
OOEEProm data error
OOTP error
Ocomp rotation error
OOperation condition secession (Dual only)
DC-Link voltage sensor error
l-trip error / PFC Over current
OGas leak error (Dual / Single)
AC line Zero Cross Signal out
Power ON reset (1 Sec)
OOCapacity miss match
OTest operation cooling Mode
Test operation Heating Mode

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