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It is interesting to keep track of Sara Ali Khan’s food diary. Right from hints of gourmet cheese delights, savory traditional meals to delectable desserts, everything can be found in Sarah’s timeline. Today, she’s back with another food post. And all things are connected. Do you ever get up in the morning and sip your food coffeeFeeling energized and energetic? Well, Sarah is grateful for her “day” and her “coffee”. The actress shared a private post on her Instagram Stories showing off her coffee mug. She wrote, “Happy December… woke up feeling grateful for my day and drinking coffee.” She also added the stickers, “Coffee First” and “Good Morning”. Sarah’s coffee mug reads, “Happy Thursday.”

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In fact, a cup of coffee in the morning makes your day. So if you want to make yourself a cup to survive this nice weather, take a look at these recipes first. Maybe you can choose something from here that will make you happy.

Here are 5 coffee recipes to start your day with:

1) Spiced coffee

Would you like a spiced version of this hot drink? Well, if you do, give it a try. This spiced coffee carries strong flavors of ginger and cardamom. Make it with a special twist and serve it with some grated chocolate on top. Recipe inside.

2) Instant coffee

If you are in a hurry and want a quick coffee, make it yourself. You know, it will only take you about five minutes to get ready. Only four ingredients including coffee powder, water, milk and sugar, and your work is done. click here for the recipe.

3) Dark chocolate coffee

Now, this is one of the most relaxing drinks you can sip on. The healthy recipe combines delicious chocolate and coffee. So what are you waiting for? Without much ado, make this and get it today only. Here it is Recipe.

4) Coffee mousse

You can also prepare some heavenly desserts with coffee. The coffee mousse is covered with a thick layer of creamy coffee custard with whipped cream, with a great taste. It will be a perfect dessert to satisfy your sweet cravings. take a look.

5) Filter coffee

How not to talk about everyone’s favorite filter coffee? And if you’re looking for some warmth in this weather, opt for a cup of frothy filter coffee. Find the recipe here.

Do you also enjoy coffee as much as Sara Ali Khan?

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