Seth Rollins retains the United States Championship, Theory Ruins Celebration



WWE is gearing up for WarGames, which will be part of the much-anticipated Survivor Series that kicks off next week. On Monday Night RAW, the promotion focused on building feuds and setting up storylines for the mega event.

Bobby Lashley and Mustafa Ali got into a brawl, Seth Rollins faced off with Judgment Day’s Finn Balor, Matt Riddle fought with Chad Gable’s Alpha Academy, and The Miz hosted another episode of his regular talk show.

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Let’s dive into the full highlights from another episode of WWE RAW that aired on September 14:

Bubbly Lashley and Mustafa Ali opened the night

The episode started with Seth Rollins walking to the ring to give his promo. Rollins’ confrontation with Bobby Lashley was fresh in people’s minds and a storm has continued to brew between the two wrestlers ever since.

It didn’t take long for All Mighty to join him in the ring and announce that he was going to keep beating people until he regained the United States Title. Mustafa Ali interfered and assaulted a referee because he wanted a match to avenge the previous week’s attack.

Ali then attempted to assault Lashley twice, but the big man managed to block him both times. He accepted the match challenge but warned him not to get beaten. After a short pause, Ali fired the running kick. The force was thrown into the circular pillar and he was dumbfounded. However, Lashley regained his feet and lunged at Ali, ramming his head into the same pole.

Ali kept trying to get back, but Lashley stopped him every time. All Mighty finally connected with the Hurt Lock for the win after hitting a vicious spear on Ali.

Tamina has taken over Mia Yim

Mia Yim faced Tamina in her first match under the WWE banner on Monday, following her surprise return last week. HBIC was paired with Tamina to prove she can compete against a powerhouse like Rhea Ripley. Tamina may not have had as much success as Ripley, especially in recent years, but she definitely fits the bill physically. Tamina took advantage of the distraction when Ripley and Dominic Mysterio came out to watch the action. She wins the match with relative ease and continues her RAW career.

Singles Match: Chad Gable vs Matt Riddle

After a brief confrontation backstage, Riddle and Gable met in the third match of the night. They had several meetings earlier in the year when RK-Bro held the tag titles, so there could have been some unfinished business. The two wrestlers took the A straight from the bell and rained punches and elbows on each other. As the match progressed, Bro picked up some momentum and connected some decent moves. However, Gable was determined and scored the pin with a back slide and a little help from Otis holding his feet on the bottom rope for leverage.

Dominic Mysterio faces Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin and Dominic Mysterio had a match after The Miz ended his talk show. Dom Ripley and Damien accompanied Rev. After being cornered, the rising star slapped Benjamin and then jumped out of the ring to avoid retaliation. He attempted a surprise attack on his opponent, but Gold Standard quickly regained the upper hand.

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Dom was aware that he was outnumbered physically, so he tried to gain an advantage through dirty tricks. It worked several times, but Benjamin wasn’t going down without a fight. The younger Mysterio managed to push Benjamin into the ring while his allies were distracted. He topped that off with a Frog Splash, which was arguably the best move of the night and sealed the win.

Dana Brooke’s argument with Ayo Skye

This week, Iyo Sky of Damage CTRL competed against baby Dana Brooke. Nikki Cross was at ringside with Bayley and Dakota Kai, but she didn’t seem to care what was going on. Kross was just kind of walking around looking at the rafters as they all made their way to the ring. She seemed to be thinking of something other than what was going on in the arena.

Brook was trying to vent her frustrations by gaining an early advantage, but Sky was able to take control quickly thanks to her speed and agility. I finally got the victory after a fierce hook over the moon.

The sizzling theory hits dolph ziggler

Notorious spotlight-stealer Dolph Ziggler interrupted the Austin Theory promo about what’s been going on with him lately. The two rekindled their feud that had been brewing for a few months and resulted in a match on the night.

The 25-year-old was aggressive from the start and was determined to teach Ziegler a lesson. Theory began targeting Ziggler’s shoulder after fighting the sleeper by repeatedly sending him into the ring post. Theory was able to hit two A-Town Downs in a row and the pin was the obvious choice. But the young man was determined to punish Ziegler and did not go for the pin. Instead, he kept hitting him at ringside until the referee blew the whistle.

While unloading at The Showoff, Theory kept tearing up the ringside area. It took several officials to finally force him to leave.

Singles Match: Baron Corbin vs Akira Tozawa

While playing poker backstage, Akira Tozawa brushed off Baron Corbin and JBL, so when Corbin tried to cheat, he challenged his former regular 205 Live to a match. Tozawa was able to get in a lot of attacks against The New Wrestling God despite dropping several inches and a few dozen pounds. Corbin, on the other hand, caught him flying off the top rope and hit the End of Days for a quick victory.

United States Title Match: Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor

Balor and Rollins have fought many times over the years, and returned to the ring this week with the United States Championship on the line. The main event could not have gone any better with the two excellent wrestlers going head to head against each other.

Rollins clearly has a slight advantage in strength and height, so he initially had the upper hand. The Prince remained in the fight by taking on almost everything he could throw at him with his speed and technical abilities.

The Visionary was forced to defend himself after being pushed onto the announce table. As the match drew to a close, the OC and Doomsday began fighting around the ring, causing chaos all around. In a great main event, Rollins took the opportunity to hit Stomp to win and retain the title. Austin Theory came out of nowhere and fired Rollins after the match and ended the show standing tall with the United States Title in his hands.

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