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Shaheen Afridi is swinging! How does an England wicket cost Pakistan the 2022 T20 World Cup


Pakistani Shaheen Afridi was forced out on the 16th of England’s pursuit during the 2022 T20 Globalism Cup Final in Melbourne cricket Earth on Sunday.

Sahin started the second half with a powerful blow as Alex Hales was sent off only once for the last ball of the first.

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Pakistan looked poised to defend their set target of 138 when Shadab Khan picked up Harry Brooke’s share while Shaheen took a terrible share in the rear. But during the pickup, the left arm star appeared to hit his right knee.

He had to come out of the field to be checked by a pyshio, and only return at the beginning of the sixteenth day to the bowl. He could only manage the first ball because he seemed almost in a state of discomfort. He couldn’t go on and had to call her at night.

His numbers per night were a small gate costing 13 rounds of 2.1 and over and 6.00.

With Ben Stokes and Muen Ali in the crease, Pakistan captain Babar Azam turned to non-spinner Iftikhar Ahmed to complete the task.

Boast started well, giving only three runs out of the first three balls but Stokes took advantage of the shorter boundaries down the ground to smash him for four and six.

This turned things around for England as they were ready to be confident and finished the match by winning five wickets and winning the T20 World Cup for the second time. With this victory, England became the first white ball champion in cricket after winning the World Cup over 50 years in 2019.

“In the finals especially on the chase.. I probably forgot all the hard work before that, how Adil Rashid and Sam Curran throw us the match. It was a tricky quota that you never felt so to limit them to 130 singles they should take a lot of credit for that. With this (defeat to Ireland) so early in the competition we obviously had to address it, say what to say and then let it go. In tournaments like this you can’t carry luggage with you, it was just a glimpse down the road, thanks It’s for Ireland for their appearance and our beating, but the best teams learn from their mistakes and don’t let them affect them Good evening Ben Stokes said after the win “Representing your country in the World Cup is great.. but it was good.”

Earlier, Pakistan was constrained with 137/8 of 20 overs as Sam Curran finished off a multi-stitch seam with stingy forms of 3-12 out of the four overs, bowling Muhammad Rizwan for 15 for the first wicket and then grabbing two other scalps in a death overrun. .

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