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Indecisiveness and indecision is a thing of the past for Shekhar Dhawan, who as the leader of the pack does not hesitate to make decisions that individuals might despise but are beneficial to the Indian team.

The left batter prepares to drive India in the three-match ODI series against New Zealand, from Friday.

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It wouldn’t be the first time Dhawan donned the captain’s cap as he has captained an Indian second string team in the past and has had good results against Sri Lanka (3-2), South Africa (2-1) and the West. Indies (3-0).

Delhi hitter says his decision-making has improved over time, thanks to his presence of mind.

“The more you play, the more confident you become in the decisions you make. Earlier, there were instances where I would give more about a pitcher out of interest (for him). But now that I have matured, even if someone feels bad, I will make a decision that will To help the team.” ESPNCricinfo.

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Speaking of driving skills, Dhawan said the key is to maintain balance and win the players’ trust. He is hardly seen feeling any pressure and keeps the environment around him happy.

“When playing music on a stringed instrument, if the string is too loose, it won’t sound good, or if it’s too tight, it will break. So it’s a matter of finding a balance. (As a conductor) creating that balance is very important.

“You have to understand when to pull the string tight and when to let it go a bit loose. That’s an art. It’s a matter of timing. At this point, I also understand when I say things to the players and how much I have to say.

“If a player is injured, it’s important to know when to talk to them. I wouldn’t do it when they’re hot in the head, but instead approach them later and talk carefully. It also depends on the level you’re at.

“If in IPL, most players are mature, so you have to think about whether you have to pull the string or not. In Ranji, you have to, at times, show firmness, because a youngster at this level is like a kacha gada (uncovered earthen pot) , so you have to be assertive to shape it. “Finding that balance is the key,” he explained, explaining his philosophy.

The 36-year-old was recently given the captaincy of Punjab Kings, who were struggling to reach the play-offs.

In the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2022 season, the team came close to the play-offs, but failed to achieve one or two wins.

“We can learn from our past and improve on our mistakes. Other than that, I wouldn’t think too much about anything else and wouldn’t want my team to do that. There’s no need to hold back the baggage of the past,” he insisted.

So how does he plan to make a difference there?

“I will make sure that my support staff and I create an environment where the players feel comfortable. I want my kids to be themselves while also understanding their responsibilities. I want us to be comfortable but also focused.

“We are playing the IPL. We are living our dream. And when you are living your dream, it should be filled with happiness, not tension. With love you can conquer anything. The (IPL) Cup is not a challenge beyond our reach.”

And he feels it could be such a lucky charm for the Punjab Kings that the IPL team he was a part of played in the finals – Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabd and Delhi Capitals.

It was also a part of Deccan Chargers but that team did not qualify for the title match. The same side was renamed Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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