Shreyas Iyer after India’s 7-wicket defeat by New Zealand



Shreyas Iyer on Sunday played a commendable strike in Auckland, which helped India He posted a challenging total of 306 runs against New Zealand in the first ODI. Unfortunately, however, his efforts were in vain as the visitors recorded a 7-wicket victory to take a 1-0 series lead in the 3 match series.

New Zealand’s chase was buoyed by a giant unbeaten 221-run partnership between Kane Williamson and Tom Latham, and snatched victory away from India’s grasp. The pair joined forces when the hosts were reduced to 88/3 and went on to finish with 17 balls to spare.

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After the crushing defeat, Iyer addressed the pressure player after the match and highlighted the lapses that allowed New Zealand to break out of the pressure and dominate until the end.

“Like the way I gave them the starting Latham, if it would have been held back in that situation, then surely we would have been on top of them. If at that time we would have put the fielders in offensive positions or we would have been in the scoring brackets, the pressure would have been built and it would have been Some changes would come (in the game).” .

“But that’s now learn and in the next game, we’ll see how much we can improve as conserving energy all the time in 50 overs is not easy. But this situation also went over 200 and players stumbled a bit on soft ground.”

Kane Williamson, who scored a scoreless 94, took 25 off his 40 over Shardol Thakur, which set the game in New Zealand’s favour. Iyer stated that the Kiwi fighters came ready to target specific shooters.

“Look, they played great shots, both of them. They knew which players to target at a specific time. The way Latham took it, completely shifted the momentum towards them. He wanted to come in and build on that partnership. Since they’d been playing together for so many years, I’m sure They know their strengths and weaknesses firsthand. Eyre said as well.

“I think their partnership has completely changed the scenario of the game and that was also a crucial stage for us too to get a wicket. If we had had one wicket, we would have got under their skin and it would have been a completely different situation.

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“But kudos to them for the way they found the strength at that point and turned those loose charges into fantastic borders and sixes. They were fearless in their approach and that’s what I feel until they got to where they were,” Iyer explained.

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