Siemens Washing Machine Error Codes

Siemens Washing Machine Error Codes

Siemens Washing Machine Error Codes

Washing Machine is useful Product from Every home And it is a product used in every home Sometimes it contains an error code. We can fix some error codes at home and we need to call a technician to fix some error codes. In this post you will find all the error codes of Siemens washing machine and I hope you will benefit a lot from this post. If you find it helpful, please share this post.

Error CodeProblem
F01The door of the loading hatch is not closed
F02Water is not supplied
F03Problems with draining the water
F04Water leakage occurred
F16The hatch door is not closed
F17Time of water intake exceeded
F18Water drain time exceeded
F19Water heating time exceeded
F20Unexpected heating
F21Control system malfunction
F22NTC sensor fault
F23Aquastop activated
F25Malfunction of the Aqua sensor
F26Analog pressure sensor malfunction
F27Error setting pressure sensor
F28Flow sensor malfunction
F29No water flow in the flow sensor detected
F31Maximum water level exceeded
F34The door lock does not close
F36The lock system is fault
F37Faulty NTC (temperature sensor)
F38Fault NTC
F40Synchronization error
F42Uncontrolled high engine speed
F43Critical error
F44No reverse rotation occurs
F593D Sensor
F60Flow sensor, too high or too low
F61Wrong door signal
F63Functional protection problem
F67Card encoding error
E02Motor problem
E67Incorrect module encoding

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