Split Air Conditioner Fire Reasons 🔥

Split Air Conditioner Fire Reasons 🔥

In this article we will talk about a very common reason why AC catches fire. Sometimes you may have seen that an indoor unit catches fire and the fire burns the entire plastic body of the indoor unit or burns the wiring of the outdoor unit.

Cause of negligence:

Some technicians make this mistake or sometimes even homeowners make this mistake in a bid to save money. It is very important to install a breaker with AC so that the breaker cuts off the current due to short circuit. But some technicians do not install breakers and some technicians install high amperage breakers. Or sometimes even home owners don’t install breakers to save money.

Why does AC catch fire?

If our AC takes 10 amps, we should only install a 16 amp breaker so that if there is a short circuit in the AC, the breaker will turn off the current. And if the AC takes 10 amps and we install a 32 amp breaker then because of the short circuit the breaker will not turn off the current quickly which will cause a short circuit causing a fire. and of we not install breaker then we face this situation.

Split Air Conditioner Fire Reasons 🔥

How does a breaker work?

Whenever we operate an electronic product at home, it continues to operate at normal current and it is written on the top of the electronic product that how many amperes this electronic product takes. For example, if an electronic product draws 10 amps. And when that short circuit occurs, its amperes increase. If a 16 ampere breaker is installed, as soon as the amperes increase from 16 ampere, the breaker will turn off the current. we should also use Good wires according to Electronics products.

Which breaker should be used for electronic products?

If the electronics product is 10 ampere then 16 ampere should be installed. Similarly, an electronic product should have a breaker 5 or 10 amps larger than the amperes it draws. click here for breaker full details.

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