“Strong notice should be taken of insulting French footballers at home and abroad.”



A senior French cabinet minister has called on soccer’s world governing body, FIFA, to investigate whether the French soccer team has been subjected to insults at home and abroad.

“Strong notice should be taken of insulting French footballers at home and abroad.”


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A senior French cabinet minister has said hateful taunts were directed at French striker Kylian Maybape during a welcome ceremony for Argentina’s World Cup winning team in Buenos Aires. He has demanded an investigation from FIFA.

French Minister Bruno Le Maire said that residents celebrating the victory of the Argentine team in the soccer world cup have shown extreme rudeness and mocked French striker Kylian Maybape. In particular, he made insulting and derogatory remarks towards Maypa during the welcoming ceremony of Argentina fans welcoming the 2022 FIFA World Cup winning team in Buenos Aires. The French minister has called on FIFA, the world governing body of football, to take serious notice of the matter and conduct an investigation.

An enthusiastic group of Argentine soccer fans set fire to a makeshift coffin lid with a picture of Cross and Mbappe on the homecoming of Argentina’s soccer champion team. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez also held a baby toy with the face of French player Maypa in his hands during the parade of an open-top bus in the capital. The pictures of these two scenes went viral on social media.

Meanwhile, France’s football federation and an anti-racism charity have said they will file legal complaints against those who used racial slurs against Maype and his team-mates on social media. Targeted. Meanwhile, reacting to the mockery of French soccer players on social media outside Argentina, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire spoke to Sud Radio, saying the scenes were “indecent.” . He strongly questioned whether FIFA should not consider these events.

Bruno added, “What is FIFA doing? Sports teaches respect for others. This is a matter of fair play. Is this how respect is shown to losers in a competition?” The Argentine embassy in Paris did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

French striker and this time the winner of the “Golden Shoe” in the World Cup, Maypape’s 24th birthday was on the same day that he went to Buenos Aires to welcome Lionel Messi, the captain of the winning team of the World Cup. Millions of people gathered on the streets.

It should be noted that Maybe and most of the players in the French football team belong to African descent. They have faced racist discrimination and abuse from a small minority on social media. At the institution, SOS Racisme, a French anti-racism association, included screenshots of more than 100 hateful comments in its request to file a criminal complaint against those remarks. The same has been done by the French Football Federation. ‘SOS Racism’

“These comments are an expression of extreme right-wing ideology and those who express such comments should not be considered French citizens,” Herman Ebon, the general secretary of the UN, said in a statement.

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