Superstar swiping says Suryakumar Yadav makes everyone look worse



Suryakumar Yadav seems to be everyone’s favorite player to talk about these days. Be it Virat Kohli, Hardik Pandya, Kane Williamson or Glenn Phillips – he continues to attract praise from all.

Suryakumar totally deserves the accolades coming his way thanks to his amazing form with the bat in T20Is that saw him become the best T20I batsman in the world in no time. In 40 innings, he scored 1,408 runs at an impressive batting average of 180.97.

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What makes his feat so amazing isn’t just the mind-boggling numbers. The way he scores runs has been called “out of the world”, “ridiculous”, “breathtaking”, “video game” like among others.

Australian batsman Glenn Maxwell, himself known for playing “unorthodox” cricket shots, appears to be getting a scare from SKY too.

on me Podcast Grade CricketMaxwell revealed how he watched Suryakumar’s re-kick of 111 not out against New Zealand during the second T20I after checking the innings scorecard and sending it to Aaron Finch.

I saw the scorecard from the first innings. I photographed it and sent it straight to Finchy and said ‘what’s going on here?’ The next day I watched the full replay on Cayo and watched the entire rounds,” Maxwell said.

Maxwell, who is currently recovering from a leg injury, says it’s hard to watch Sky bat because he makes other people around him look bad.

“The awkward thing is that he’s so much better than everyone else. It’s actually hard to watch. It’s like, ‘Oh my God! The bat as soon as he gets past, and decides to sweep somebody bowling 145 off the other side. And then, once he puts his head down he walks over and chews some gum, or spouts the glove, or hits the bat, and then goes off again and does it again.”

“He plays some of the most ridiculous bits I’ve ever seen in my life. He just stupidly does it constantly. In fact, it’s a little hard to watch because it makes everyone look so much worse for not being able to do it.”

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