Suryakumar Yadav opens up about his approach while playing Scoop



There is no doubt that Suryakumar Yadav has been the ongoing T20 for men story Globalism Australian Cup. A truly 360-degree player who can score all over the earth, Suryakumar enjoys the purple patch by shooting a bunch of shots not seen in the training manual.

One of the highlights of India’s 71st win over Zimbabwe on Sunday was Suryakumar’s unconventional stroke as he blasted the ball over the border with a scooping shot, earning him the plaudits of legendary hitter Sunil Gavaskar who was on hold at the time.

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On the last ball of India roles, after she stunned the crowd of 82,000 people in Melbourne cricket On the ground, Richard Ngarava tried to shovel a Yorker on a large scale. Seeing that Suryakumar went up, he literally fell while the bat came into contact with the ball.

His one-knee shot flew the ball to the right of a short, thin leg, down to six jaw-droppings and ended up undefeated at 61 of 25 balls. Suryakumar also shocked six, four, and six in an excessive head-kick death penalty at 244, changing the tempo of the match once again.

He attributed the scooping shot to playing tons of rubber ball cricket. “You have to understand what the player is going to be playing at that time, which is a little predetermined at that moment. I practiced that kick a lot when I was playing rubber ball cricket. So, you have to think about what the player is thinking at the time.

“If the field is there, I just support myself to go there. You have to know how much time is beyond the boundary. When I stand there, I feel it is 60-65 meters, and at the pace of the ball, I’m just trying to time it, take it in the nice place of the racket, And if it hits, it shoots right there.” The right-hander about that fluid shot on Star Sports’ “Follow the Blues” show.

During Sunday’s match, Suryakumar, the highest-ranked T20I hitter, became the first Indian and second player in the world after Pakistan’s Muhammad Rizwan to score 1,000 T20I or more in a calendar year apart from being the best running player in the world. in 2022.

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He also spoke about how he handles pressure situations in the big matches and tries to score goals all over the ground to push India to victory. “When I go bat I just try to look for some limits or even if I don’t get it I just try to run as hard as I can between wickets. If you have to hit with Virat (Kohli) bhai, you have to run hard too.

“But I try to do it, I hit it in the gaps and I run hard. But I know the hits I need to play at the time. I try to play a lot of cricket. My passes are combs, covers, cuts, if I make it, I just take the match forward from there “.

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