T20 World Cup: Australia had some thinking to do, but they didn’t do it right



Former Australian inaugural and current Pakistani coach for the ICC T20 team Globalism A Cup Here Matthew Hayden criticized Aaron Finch’s team for not preparing enough for the ‘outstanding event’, while every side around the world did everything they could to ensure the best preparation for the glorious event.

On the eve of the semi-final match between Pakistan and New Zealand in Sydney cricket Earth, as the charismatic previous opening said, Finch’s side lacked freshness.

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“The Australian team has some thinking to do. There has to be some freshness. And I think one of the greatest strengths of Australian cricket is their ability to recognize when to change gear to a different playing roster,” Hayden said.

“Just 12 months ago[since]we were sitting here talking about the T20 champions and that was Australia. Here we are again on the eve of another semi-final. So the tournaments are coming fast and fast. But certainly from Australia’s point of view in cricket, the planning has to be done. Towards the World Cup. They are the special events. They are the events that everyone around the world is planning, and Australia, unfortunately, did not get it right.”

Hayden also said that Pakistan’s 33-time D/L win over South Africa in the Super 12 at the same venue on November 3 put the team’s campaign back on track and gave medium confidence.

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“I loved the way in the match against South Africa, Babar (Azzam) and (Mohamed) Rizwan weren’t showing off; the batting lineup had to dig deep. Shadab (Khan who scored 52) on that occasion was incredible. The middle ranking should definitely stand It was special, and it didn’t happen with just one player.

“It was three or four players in general who really did a great intent. (Muhammad) goalkeeper (28 from 11 balls) was fantastic. That was a real turning point for our team. When he came on to racket, it was the fresh air that woke up the Pakistan fighting squad. Hayden added.

“Naseem (Shah) put in a great show that night. Also good comeback from Haris Rauf, wide on his first few hits, but he threw on that track really well. If any conditions in Australia suit us as players from the subcontinent, I think That’s the place. So a lot of positives came out of that match. And the arrival of Shaheen (Afridi) again, who is the outstanding and fast bowler and the leader of the fast bowlers too. A lot of strong performances were made in that, but especially the arrival of a goalkeeper and Shadab’s brilliance And our four or five fast players are on the money,” Hayden added.

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