T20 World Cup: Breath of fresh air awakens Pakistan’s strike line-up



Former Australian cricketer and current Pakistan team mentor Matthew Hayden feels that young Mohammed Haris’ fight against South Africa was a turning point in the team’s campaign led by Babar Azam in the men’s T20 Globalism Trophy and instill confidence in other players as well.

Apparently dead and buried, Pakistan had only a 2% chance of winning the tournament after their loss to Zimbabwe, but they were given a lifeline when the Netherlands beat South Africa in Adelaide.

Grateful Pakistan took advantage of the collapse of the Proteas, as they beat Bangladesh to win a semi-final ticket, and staged a meeting with New Zealand at the SCG on Wednesday.

They are now two wins away from lifting the Men’s T20 World Cup in the cricket world championships, but it all started with Harris’ strikes that led Pakistan to victory over South Africa at the SCG, which was their strongest performance of the campaign to date.

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A team mentor sets out a beating shot for a 21-year-old when their campaign went up.

“He was a great goalkeeper. That was a real turning point for our team. When he came on to the racket, it was the fresh air that woke up the Pakistan fighting squad,” Hayden said in the pre-match press conference on Tuesday.

The young hitter knocked out Peshawar at 4/1 the first time, though he didn’t take a step back, looting 28 of 11 balls in a fierce counterattack, with two fours and three sixes.

Not only did it start the Pakistani tours – Hayden believes it instilled confidence in his teammates.

“It wasn’t Babar and Rizwan’s show, the batting squad had to dig deep. And Shadab on that occasion was incredible, the middle class definitely had to stand up.”

“(Goalkeeper) is a great story, a really important story in any World Cup. Not even in the team and performing now as he should have been there from the start.”

Waiting for the players to exaggerate, though quick on things short, Haris appears to be part of the responsibility striking the shoulders of opening duo Babar and Mohamed Radwan.

Editorial himself For many years, the Australian appreciates how Harris’s work builds around him.

“It is not surprising to see how he came in and played beautifully. He has very good technique on a fast bouncy wicket. The previous attacking opener explained: ‘He’s got freshness.

“He was the only one who was in every online session and played all of our fast games. For me, that was a match against McGrath, Warren, Lee, Gillespie, if you can take on these hitters, these bowlers, and you play really well, you know that You have a great chance of running in the actual game.” .

Pakistan has fond memories of the SCG after the Proteas win, although the same can be said of New Zealand, who beat both Australia and Sri Lanka in emphatic fashion, comfortably defending their aggregates on both occasions.

Hayden insists Sydney’s surface is the best for the Pakistani players to shine, though he credits former Australian teammate Sean Tate, the Pakistani speed bowling coach, with preparing him for battle.

“If any conditions in Australia suit us as players from outside the continent, I think this is the place,” he said.

“I feel, though, that Sean Tate did a really good job preparing the fast bowlers for this track as well. Naseem (Shah) put in a great show that night at SCG. Also good comeback from Haris Rauf, expensive in his first few times. , but throw on that track really well,” he added.

Pakistan won the last T20I between the two sides in mid-October, a triple series final in which Bangladesh also participated. However, Hayden played down the importance of the meeting in the context of Wednesday’s semi-finals

“It really is about that feeling of belief and that goal. It is one of the few editions of our sport where it is not just a test of skill sets under pressure but also of innovation. And I think New Zealand has really shown some great innovation during this tournament and over recent years.”

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