T20 World Cup: No fear of injury to Virat Kohli after being beaten by Harshal Patel Delivery

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After the panic of former Rohit Sharma India captain Virat Kohli He was also injured while playing Harshal Patel on the net ahead of the very important semi-final match against England in T20 Globalism Glass. A mainstay in Indian batting, Kohli was seen training hard when he was injured by Patel’s delivery.

It was painful because Kohli quickly fell to his knees clutching the area where he was injured. Meanwhile, bowler Harshall Patel is seen rushing into the batter to check if he’s okay. However, Kohli stood up and hit the net again.

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This was good news for many fans as they believed the incident could deprive Kohli of the crucial semi-final match against England. Watch the entire incident below.

One game of knockouts won’t define me or any other player: Rohit

India captain Rohit Sharma understands criticism of his disappointing numbers in intense games, but he won’t appreciate if he or any other player is defined by failure in an exotic high-stakes game.

Rohit has struggled to make a significant contribution to India’s overall while competing in knockout matches at ICC events over the years.

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He managed only 29 against Sri Lanka in the 2014 T20 World Cup Final and only 34 against Australia in the 2015 ODI World Cup semi-final.

He scored 43 against West Indies in the 2016 T20 World Cup semi-finals and couldn’t even open his account against Pakistan in the 2017 Champions Cup match.

In the 2019 ODI World Cup semi-final against New Zealand, Rohit’s contribution was only 1.

When asked if this subpar performance in important matches is bothering him, Rohit was not amused.

Rohit said he is preparing to lead India in the T20 World Cup semi-final against England: “Not just me, but all the players, what they’ve done throughout their career, one knockout match doesn’t define them.”

“All year long you work hard to get where you want to and do well in whatever format you play. So I insist that one particular game is not going to decide that.

Rohit has no problems with being in the present, but he stated that the past should not be forgotten.

“It is important that you understand that knockout games are important and give you a lot of confidence, if you do a good job. But we do not forget what happened in the past, what players did in the past.

“All the performances they’ve given to the team over the years, that one match can’t dictate (narration),” Rohit added.

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