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Microwave Oven Electrical Parts Name with Pic

Microwave Oven Electrical Parts: Which types of Electrical Parts Use in Microwave Oven. You can see Image with Names is Parts is important for every technician. Every Technician should know before working. These are the naem of Parts . Magnetron  Transformer Capacitor Fuse  Electric PCB Kit Bulb Turntable motor Fan 5kv High Voltage Fuse HVAC

Combine Capacitor Connection with Diagram

Combine Capacitor Connection How we can Connection Combine Capacitor in AC Outdoor. Combine Capacitor always has 3 points. COMMON ( C ) HERM FAN Fan Point: Fan point has 2 terminal And here Connect the Fan starting wire  Herm Point: Herm point has 2-3 terminal And here Connect the Compressor starting wire  Common Point: Common