El Salvador Creates a ‘National Bitcoin Office’: Everything You Need to Know

[ad_1] El Salvador has announced that all Bitcoin-related projects, originating in the country, will now be under the supervision of a newly created body. The Central American country’s government has announced the creation of a “National Bitcoin Office,” or ONBTC, which will act as an administrative unit dedicated to monitoring local crypto projects in the … Read more

Viral image of a sleeping employee in the office sums up Twitter under the leadership of Elon Musk

[ad_1] Elon Musk, after spending overspending to buy Twitter for $44 billion, is now looking at ways to cut corners and also find newer revenue streams. Musk espouses the idea that “some revenue is better than no return.” When Blue Tick’s $20 monthly fee didn’t gather positive feedback, he lowered the price to $8. He … Read more

“If you’re on the way to the office, go home”: Twitter to all employees as layoffs begin

[ad_1] Elon Musk’s Twitter is moving ahead with a massive global launch plan. Twitter has literally closed its offices and suspended all employees’ badges until a decision is made on whether the employee is fired or retained. The scale is so massive that employees who aren’t fired will get “a notification via their Twitter email.” … Read more