Brill Empolo Strike helps Switzerland overtake Cameroon

[ad_1] Brill Embolo’s goal lifted Switzerland to a 1-0 victory over Cameroon at the World Cup on Thursday, fulfilling his promise not to celebrate scoring goals against the country of his birth. The Swiss forward scored from Yaounde with a right-footed volley in the 48th minute, standing alone eight meters (yards) down the middle of … Read more

1992 is in the air as Mercurial Pakistan aims to overtake New Zealand

[ad_1] As runner-up, New Zealand will play Pakistan in the semi-finals of the men’s T20 international cricket tournament Globalism Cup in Sydney cricket On Wednesday, one cannot help but draw one’s mind to a similar stage of the tournament in the southern hemisphere, in neighboring New Zealand 30 years ago. It was the 1992 Cricket … Read more