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How to open easy rust screws & Bolts

Open rust able screws & Bolts Sometimes rust gets on our nut or Screw, and it doesn’t open easily, screw driver and key are happening slipped. we can open it with some ways. By heating it By using WD40 By grip plier By Heating : we can heat it by gas welding plant but be

Long piping effect AC & How much gas needed

Long piping effect AC & How much gas needed In many places we have to install long pipe. If we are Installing a AC and we need long pipe connection, 70ft to 80ft. So our AC will take more amperes. Normal pipe we use for best cooling is 10ft but we can use 20ft to

How To Use AC Remote

POWER Button This is a wireless management that transmit signals to the indoor unit;enabling you to manage once to show the unit on or off. the massive illuminating button makes it simply accessible even within the dark. LCD Display  It displays this settings of your air-conditioner’s perform. Swing Button This button aids your flow of