The arrival of Mustafa Jan-e-Rahmat ﷺ: The springs of heart-warming hours



The arrival of Mustafa Jan-e-Rahmat ﷺ: The springs of heart-warming hours

It was getting dark. The rays of hope were dying. Social inequalities had stunted the budding buds. Mother’s kidneys were strained. The beasts had snatched their own children from the wombs of their mothers and buried them alive in the depths of the earth. Even the muffled screams of the girls and the fading pulses did not give wax liver to the stones of cruelty. The sense of humanity was dead. Shirk had destroyed the faith. Jabin’s dignity was being robbed in front of false gods. There was an atmosphere of indecency. Alcohol was common. Purity was Anka. The thought was slow and the vision was scattered. The shine of the character was dull. Years of fog had settled on the thoughts. The human arch was a wire. Animal traits were a badge of honor – the powerful, the poor were the merchants of honor. There was an auction of sins in the market of the world. There was no support for sorrowful hearts. There was a dull atmosphere. The universe was longing for spring.

This is the system of power; After darkness comes the era of light. Spring after autumn. When the clouds of oppression are removed, rays of light appear. From the most terrible time for humanity, the mercy of God came on the spur of the moment. One such morning appeared; Who destroyed all humanity. He was sent, whose arrival was awaited by all. For whom the universe was decorated, for whom the universe was created. About whom the Qur’an says:

“And before that, they used to ask for victory over the disbelievers through the same Prophet, but when he came to them, they became familiar with him and denied him, so the curse of Allah is on the disbelievers.”
(Surah Al-Baqarah: Verse No. 89)

It was the morning of 12 Rabi Awal Sharif. When the fate of humanity awakened. Such a morning never came, from whose foot the dawn of kindness rose. The time was full of light. Bism has emerged. The songs of mercy began to rise. He began to be famous in the sky and the earth. This scholar of Rifaat-e-zikr of the Holy One that the Lord is describing the glory, and those Rifaat-e-zikr of the place of popularity are being made to believe by this dhikr; Where there is no access to raw intellect, human thought cannot understand the essence of remembrance. The revolution has come. The stones began to turn into wax. The songs of Tawheed started resounding. The autumn clouds parted. A polluted heart is like a mirror

At the hour when the moon of Tayyaba shone
Millions of greetings on this heartwarming hour
(Reza Barelvi)

The characters began to suffocate. Thoughts began to flash. Atwar began to smell. Withered buds bloom. Broken hearts began to unite. The branches began to sway. Buds began to open. Hope appeared in the morning. In the evening, grief was over. Withered faces rose. The sun is shining. Drops became hollows, shamers of humanity, ambassadors of honor. Rahzan became a leader. The winds have calmed down. The signs of autumn are gone. Gulshan became green. The bubbles started popping. The songs of the moon have ended. Songs of monotheism began to rise. We who live in the lowlands have become evil

An Arab raised the voice of the man
The particles of dust were homogenized

May Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon him came. The fences of light began to turn. The Prophethood of the Beloved, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is so perfect that there is no longer any need for a prophet. The coming and going of the Prophets was for the appearance of the last Prophet. If they come, they will become the beauty of the universe, the spring of existence, the dignity of the people, the solution of sad hearts, their coin will run until the Day of Judgment, and the first and the last will receive a special share of their grace. ؟

Rukh-e-Mustafa is that mirror and now there is another mirror
Neither in anyone’s imagination nor in a mirror maker’s shop
This is the only reason for conducting Buzm Mohshar
That their glory and love is going to be shown
Millions of salutations to Mustafa
Millions of salutations on the direction of the candle

Raza Barelvi called Rehmat Kunin, peace and blessings of God be upon him, in his universal greeting, “the soul of mercy” and “the candle of guidance”, Larib! Well said. Because they are the soul of mercy. What did they come to be blessed with? The period of trouble is over. Spring is spring and splendor is splendor.

Bazm is the last candle of guidance, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The first and the last are enlightened by the light of Khatam al-Anbia. Bizm-e-Mahshar will be illuminated by their holy light. The springs in Kunin are the charity of their sacred existence. Let those who burn from these springs burn; The song of greatness will continue to be raised – the perpetrators of blasphemy are from Western colonialism; or from a region; The clouds of their deceit and deception will be dispelled – the hearts and eyes will light up with the remembrance of the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace; The candle of the greatness of the beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) will be burning in the heart of the believer – every morning a new sight of his glorification will refresh the faith –
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