The Emperor of the Seven Kingdoms Sayyid Sarkar Tajuddin Baba Nagpuri Radiyallahu Anhu



India is the pure and holy land where millions of saints are buried, they are indebted to the souls of the saints that the tree of Islam is green here and even today they are doing the work of planting and watering its leaves. He said that we are not afraid of the people of India, but we are afraid of the elders who have settled religion in the land of India. They also knew that any government over India would be temporary. The Saints, especially the Sultan of India, Hind Al-Wali Sarkar, Khwaja Khwajagan Gharib Nawaz, Sayyid Moinuddin Hosni Hussaini, Sanjri Chishti, Ajmeri, may Allah be pleased with him, and his great caliphs, the Mashaykheen Chishti, have a great kindness towards India and its citizens. From which no one can ever retire. Today those who are hungry against saints should be aware that if these saints do not make the religion of India their abode, it is certain. This earth would remain a place of infidelity as before. These are the holy souls who have completed the journey from Sanam Sai to God-realization and have drunk the sweet ocean of Tawheed and Versalat. Because of this, these chosen servants suffered various pains and sufferings and faced all the sufferings and pains with a smile on their faces and they stood firm on the path and taught their believers and devotees to persevere. Among the people of Qudsiya, the name of the Emperor Haft Iklimate, Taj-ul-Mullah, the parents of the Asrar Wilayat, the floating Zamour, the Qudsit Sayyid, and the noble name of Sayyid Tajuddin Baba Nagpuri, may Allah be pleased with him, is worthy of mention.

Happy birth: Before the birth of Sarkar Taj-ul-Awalia, your mother, may Allah be pleased with her, had a very beautiful dream. was Suddenly, that sealed seal fell from the sky into your blessed lap and the whole world was illuminated and illuminated by the moonlight. As an interpretation of this beautiful dream, Baba Taj Awalia was born in the house of Sayyed Hasan Mehdi Badruddin and Sayyed Maryam B. A.R. on 5 Rajab al-Murjab 1283 AH corresponding to 27 January 1861 at Gurabaza Committee. Jamal from Askari. Alhamdulillah, in your family one after another Allah’s people and scholars were born. Among them Hazrat Shah Shah Paganda Sharif Hazrat Syed Fakhruddin Hussaini is worth mentioning. Besides, history shows that the father of Taj Awalia was living in the city of Kolar even today. The city of Kolar and the city of Mohabbat Nagpur are closely related. His connection with the city of Kolar was special. It is a good thing for the people of Kolar that some of the elders of the family of Sarkar Taj Awalia are buried in Kolar. and I consider it the greatest happiness of my life that Faqir Kolari Qadri Afi Anhu Al Bari was invited by the government twice. I am grateful to Ashhari Misbahi Dame Zula-ul-Ali for giving Faqir Kolari Qadri a wonderful opportunity to participate in your International Sunni gathering as a guest. May Allah Ta’ala accept the valuable services of the Leader of Ahle Sunnah. Amen

Education and Training: One year after his birth, his father, Sayyed Badruddin, passed away. He did it well. His mother raised him with great love and devotion and enrolled him in the seminary at the age of six.

When you were 9 years old, by God’s grace, your mother also got married to her real owner. After the death of his mother, his upbringing was taken care of by his younger relatives. When his teacher was making him recite Bismillah Khawani, he went ahead and recited Surah Fatiha.

One day, he was studying in the school as per the tradition, when suddenly, the famous Majzoob Arif Ballah of that time, Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri, peace be upon him, addressed his teacher, what are you teaching him? No, since childhood, you were far away from sports, apart from studies, you liked solitude a lot and used to wander in search of knowledge and wisdom in solitude – in fifteen years, you completed your education and travel and all Armed with the ornaments of external sciences, arts and linguistics, they started serving the people.

Spiritual Journey and Faizan Karam: There is no real and strong evidence of which saint you were in the circle of allegiance to, but this much is certain and conclusive that you received Faizan compared to two great sages and you have the power of Wilayat and Spirituality. Made the trip easy. One of them is Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri, the great Qalandar of Qadiria, and the other is Hazrat Daud Makki, the caliph of Chishtia Bahshtiya, the caliph of Sayyedna Shamsuddin Turkmani.

Hazrat Abdullah Shah Qadri (may Allah have mercy on him) appointed his false Sharbat Plakar as his successor before his death and established the ranks of spirituality. He meditated on Anwar for a long time, thanks to which he got the caliphate and kharqa of the Chishtiyya Owaisiya chain.

Kashf and Karamat: Sarkar Taj-ul-Awlia was the mother-born saint, that is why he was the president of the Karamats from his childhood and became the president of such Karamats that the human intellect is stunned. After hearing your virtues, people from far and wide began to flock to your court of love and enriched the whole world with your grace and it is necessary to keep in mind that virtues are not the property of the province like the common people. It is a fallacy. Karamat has a secondary position in relation to the saint. Let’s offer two or three blessings of Baba Taj Awalia as a blessing. A person said that the food was finished before the Prophet. Presented immediately and was surprised and became a patron of the government and remained in the footsteps for the rest of his life.

It is narrated that when you were living in the community, you visited the house of a goldsmith and asked him to immediately remove the goods and vacate the house. As soon as he left, that house was set on fire. This was apparently your first merit. Apart from that, you have numerous merits. Volumes are needed to mention them all. I will suffice them with merits.

Your prophecies: The knowledge of the unseen is the specialty of Allah Almighty. Allah informs His beloved servants about this unseen. It is also called the light of the prophetic hadith, Farast al-Mu’min, as the master of two worlds, peace and blessings be upon him, says: Itaqwa Farast al-Mu’min, fana yanzhar binur Allah. Be afraid of the faith of the believer because he sees with the light of Allah. When asked about it, Barjasta said that the British will leave. This is a prediction made many years before independence, besides there are many other predictions of yours which are not suitable to be mentioned in this short article.

Longing for Death Verses: It is an undeniable fact that death has to come to everyone, it is also a requirement of nature, responding to the call of this nature. Alaihi Rahmat entrusted the victory over his soul to the creative universe. Ana Lilla Wana Illiya Rajiyun. Today, millions of lost people are being provided with the right guidance from this great bargah. May Allah bless us all with the bounty of this great bargah. Amen to Sayyid al-Amin


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