The fix happened because…” – Javed Miandad makes a bold statement after Pakistan’s loss in the T20 World Cup

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Pakistan lost T20 Globalism 2022 Cup Final five-wicket haul to England at the MCG on November 13 (Sunday). After the loss, the Pakistan team faced heavy criticism from the fans but former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad had a different concern.

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He criticized the coaches and the board for the loss as he said on a Pakistani TV show that their team has relied more on foreign coaches over the last few years now even the side has Matthew Hayden as the team mentor and Shaun Tait as the bowling coach. He further indicated that he doubts the future of the current players, as the management leans more towards foreign coaches.

He said, “Ham logon ne County cricket kheli hai, magar aaj jo ye ladke khel rahe hain, inka future kya hai? (We played the county, but what is the future for the players who are playing now?)

Afterwards the TV announcer said that Veron Wilander was also part of the support squad at last year’s T20 World Cup where the team lost to Australia in the semi-finals. Frustrated, Miandad replied, “Lao na enko, forget the pork kareng question. Puche toh sahi ham bhi, batao cricket ke baare me. (Bring them to the studio, we’ll ask them questions. We also want to know what they know about cricket).”

Miandad raised his fingers on the Pakistan cricket board saying, “Majlis apne aap ko bachati hai ki aasani se aa jayein, fir ham log sahi hain. (The council is trying to save itself with these appointments.)

He then made a powerful statement about why match-fixing scandals have happened in the past in Pakistan cricket.

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He said, “Apne logon ko dekhein, apne logon ne jo cricket kheli hai. Mujhe aisa kuch nahi hai, mujhe badi serve aati hain par main nahi jata. Ye joe guys khel rahe hain, ab ye aaj khel rahe hain. Where is the future Kia Hay? Unko pata hai ki aaj maine kuch nahi kiya, toh kal main kya karunga? Repair is surprising se hoi thi. Sabko dar tha ki ye kaat na de humko.

(Look at our cricketers who played cricket in the past. I’m not talking about myself, I’ve had a lot of offers in the past but never gone. What will happen to players who play in present-day times? They know they have nowhere to go if they don’t perform. The reformation took place for this very reason. Everyone was afraid that their careers would end). “

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