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The game experts lack words to explain the sheer brilliance of Suryakumar Yadav in T20 Globalism Cup 2022. The great event in Australia showed the best version of the Indian racket. He is currently the third best player of the tournament, scoring 225 points in 5 runs with a stroke average of 193.97 and is the best player to date. He also took home the Three Man of the Match award and played a significant role in India’s journey to the semi-finals.

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Suryakumar’s strike against Zimbabwe was a showcase of a 360-degree approach with the bat. During his 61 innings in which he was not out, the right-handed hitter showed a range of shots that not only left the opponent dumbfounded but also the commentators couldn’t pinpoint.

After India won 71 times, some former Pakistani players were in awe of Suryakumar. Shoaib Malik was one of them who made a hilarious comparison between an Indian hitter and a well-groomed school kid.

Yeh woh wala student hain, jisne saara homework kiya ho, pata ho I’m totally ready. Jab aapke Master sahab puchthe hain jisne saare kiye hain, toh sabse pehle awaz aati hain Hazir janab (He is that student who does all his homework and is fully prepared. And when the teacher asks if the work has been done, he proudly says yes),” Malik said in an interaction on A Sports.

“If you want to hit in the middle order, he’s the prime example. This is also a good lesson for others. When Fielder is called, he starts targeting those holes. He knows he won’t be able to hit four six times in a row, and so he uses his shot selection sparingly. Effective. We saw his interview too, he trained a lot and this proves that practice makes a perfect man,” added the former Pakistan captain.

Suryakumar is also compared to former South African captain AB de Villiers for a similar batting style and appears to be earning the ‘Mr 360 Degree’ label. In fact, the legend of Proteas was also impressed by the meteoric rise of Suryakumar in international cricket.

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“I’m very happy for Syria. I think he’s come a very long way. I’ve never seen that happen, the way he’s playing. He was very conservative and stuck to his game plans at first but now he’s setting the base and then starting to dominate the bowlers,” De Villiers told the agency. Mumbai’s PTI: “It’s great to see that he has a bright future ahead of him”

All eyes will once again be on the Indian superstar when he steps out for the England racket in Thursday’s second semi-final in Adelaide.

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