The influence of Islamic thought and the decline of nationalism



Islam abolished the false customs and traditions of the age of ignorance and gave a universal system of brotherhood, in which there is a pure lesson for the prosperity and well-being of humanity – in which faith in the true God and confirmation of the Prophethood of the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him. One who comes under the sanctity of the perfect religion of Islam becomes a member of a universal society.
Islam has erased the dirty ideas of racial pride – it has put an end to nationalism – it has created a society in which there is moderation and balance and there are pure feelings of respect and dignity – Allama Qamarul Zaman Khan Azmi (Secretary General World Islamic Mission UK) used to say. are:
“The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) put an end to nationalism – Salman came from Persia, Suhayb came from Rome – Bilal came from Abyssinia and became a member of the Islamic Society and Abu Jahl was expelled from the Society -“
Hazrat Salman Farsi was the son of a great religious priest; Atashkuda was the prince of the Peshwa of Persia – Someone asked what is your father’s name – He said: Salman is the son of Islam – There is also a coin on the tomb of Hazrat Salman Farsi on the head of Iraq: “Salman al-Muhammadi” as if everything It has been assimilated into Islamic relations and the identity is Mustafawi according to Iqbal:

Ajami khum hai ki me to Hijazi hai Miri
The song is Hindi, so what do you take, Hijazi is Miri

In Islamic countries, Lawrence of Arabia sowed the seeds of ethnic and national hatreds under the guise of studying and researching historical monuments and readers – planted the pens of ethnic hatred in the withdrawal of the Ottomans from the Holy Hijaz – cultivated hatreds – fostered the Arab and non-Arabic cause. It was the main aspect of the colonialist conspiracies to divert the Muslims from their religious mood and subject them to tribal, linguistic, national and ethnic differences and differences. Introduced- They were made to think that the civilization of the Pharaohs was the best; You are of the race of the kings of Egypt; In this way, the dead and decaying pharaonic culture and racial discrimination were shown as pride in them.
The system of Caesar and Kasra was described as civilized – Dead civilizations were presented against Islam – Muslims were led on the path of deviance – Arabs were worried about supremacy over foreigners (Ottomans) – When the harvest of nihilism is ready. After that, the time came when the Ottoman Empire disintegrated.
Meanwhile, in Turkey, the loyalists of Western colonialism mixed the poison of hatred towards Arabic culture and language that the call to prayer and the language were banned – but faith was hidden in the hearts – when the shackles were broken and the hearths of power were shaken, the idol of nationalism was spread. A new Turkey was born and a new Turkey breathed in the knowledge of the world – the hearts of the Turks were enlightened by Islamic teachings – the hearts of Islamic brotherhood and love of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) were beating:

With the power of love, raise every low
Make the name of Muhammad clear in Dahar

During the hours in which the Babri Masjid was being turned into an idol of idolatry by force; On the land of Constantinople, the mosque Aya Sophia was being restored and restored and a building with colonial thought for centuries that was once bought and converted into a mosque; which was turned into a museum by the colonialist regime; The songs of Tawheed and Prophethood echoed – the Azan-e-Suhr tore open the chest of the atmosphere – the evening of Western civilization and the dawn of Islamic culture:

Intellect is your super love is your sword
Jahangir Teri is dead dervish caliphate
Takbeer-tri is fire for Allah alone
So if you are a Muslim, destiny is a plan
If you are faithful to Muhammad, then we are yours
Where is this thing, are the tablet and the pen yours?

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) gave importance to the right to equality and struck down racism and regionalism – nothing was recognized as the foundation of virtue except piety – Allah says: “He is the One who created you with one soul. Created-” (Surat al-Nisa: 1)
In the Farewell Sermon of Hajjat ​​Al-Wadaa, the Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: “O people! Your Lord is one – your father is one – the Arab has no superiority over the foreigner, and neither the foreigner has the superiority over the Arab – nor the white over the black.” But neither the black man over the white man except in piety; He is the most honored and respected among the Lord of Allah who is the most pious among you-“
(Global Manifesto of Human Life, translated by Mufti Muhammad Irfan Misbahi, p. 11)
In the same great sermon, there is also this verse: “Listen! All the laws of Jahiliyyah are under my feet (i.e., they are invalid) and indeed the inherent pride and boasting of Jahiliyyah are abolished-” (Nafs Masdar, pp. 11-12).
The Islamic system of brotherhood and love and the universal social system depend on the rules for the end of class conflicts – there is a message of creating a society free from regional prejudices – the dawn of love appears – the discouragement of hatred and feelings of superiority. and the boastful slogans die:

Maka is a foreigner m
Look at the light and chasmim and yakim

“We are free from the chain of the language of the country living in the East and the West. We are the eyes of one face, one light and one light-“

From Hijaz and China and Iranim Ma
Shabnam 1 morning Khandanim ma

“Get out of geographical boundaries, get out of Hejaz and China, Iran and Rome, become the dew drops of a smiling morning, leave the limitations.”

It is Hindi, it is Khorasani, it is Afghani, it is Turani
So, O shame-faced shore, jump and be idle

Your hair and forehead are stained with dust
So, hen, get ready before flying

Love is in the soul and lineage is in the body
The relationship of love is stronger than lineage

If it is made based on lineage, the concept of brotherhood will be shattered. Ishq Sarkar two worlds, peace be upon him, what is comfort and place if it is not molded in the form of soul and body, generation and lineage, then what is Islam? Hazrat Jami Imam Ashiqan said that this relationship of love for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is stronger and stronger than all members.

Beloved servant, abandon your lineage
There are no such and such things

“Become a servant of Jami Ishq and give up the notions of lineage, so-and-so is nothing in this place.”

The Islamic system of brotherhood and tolerance is full of color and race and boasting – where believers of every color and race are surrounded by the love of the Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, and the layers of discrimination are washed away – the relationship of the Prophet’s love with the Prophet A nation has been formed by smashing the idols of

God’s way is the footsteps of slaves
How can he be seduced by this clue?
7 January 2023


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