The morals and virtues of Hazrat Hafiz Millat (peace be upon him) are a practical example



One of the most important teachings of the Prophet is the teaching of compassion and love. The Prophet, peace and blessings of God be upon him, told the people that “He who does not show compassion to the young and does not respect the elders is not one of us.” (Jami Tirmidhi, Hadith 1919)

The good servants of Allah the Exalted adhere strictly to the ways given by Allah and His Messenger and order people to follow them. He was given one of the names of the servants of God, Hazrat Hafiz Millat Shah Abdul Aziz Hadith Muradabadi (May Allah be pleased with him). 1312 AH. 1894 AH / Wasal 1396 AH. 1976 AH) is also mentioned. Who spent his whole life by observing the holy Shariat and following the Sunnah of the Prophet and also participated fully in the dissemination and publication of the teachings of the Prophet. He was a Jalil-ul-Qadr scholar. His knowledge can be estimated in such a way that he had the privilege of being a special disciple of Sadrul-Sharia Mufti Amjad Ali Azmi (Alaihi Rahmat Wal-Rizwan). Delivered. He was a great Muhaddith and a good teacher as well as an eminent Faqeeh.

Besides being a good scholar, Hazrat Hafiz Millat was also a person of good morals. He used to say great love to him. If a student made a mistake, instead of calling him a donkey, a fool, or a Buddha, he would say in a very loving tone, “Hey Jannati”.

Huzoor Hafiz Millat used to respect his teacher Maulana Qari Muhammad Raza Al-Mustafa Amjadi Karachi a lot. You yourself say that when I would reach home (Ghosi, India) from Pakistan, Hazrat (Hafiz Millat) would come to Qadri Manzil on the very next day to meet me. Many times I requested that the Holy Prophet was going to be present himself, so he said that I would be happy to come and meet him myself.

Once, while advising you, he said in a letter, “Dear Sir!” Mashallah! You are sensible and understanding, writing something is like showing a lamp to the sun, but love compels the heart to submit so much that, keeping an eye on your goal, make the behavior of Hazrat father Majid Sahib Damat Barakatham al-Qudsiyya a norm. (Hayat Hafiz Millat. p. 145) This was his compassion and love for the teacher and besides, he used to treat all the students equally.

Allama Hafiz Abdul Rauf was one of his senior students. He was a friend and supporter of Huzur Hafiz Millat every step of the way. He died in the lifetime of Hafiz Millat. He condoled something like this, “He was my hand and arm. That’s why I was very disappointed after his death, but God guided me and helped me. Then I remembered that this world is a work place.” How many great and great leaders and administrators have come and gone here.” Then he says, “Abdul Aziz’s arms were broken by the death of Hafiz Abdul Rauf Sahib. Abdul Rauf was Abdul Aziz and Abdul Aziz was Abdul Rauf.” (Ex. p. 137)

These words can be used to estimate the compassion, love and trust of a teacher towards his student. Along with love and kindness, he also gave the students the rank they deserved.

Huzur Hafiz Millat (peace be upon him) had a great love for Sharif Bukhari Mufti Shariful Haque Amjadi. When for some reason Sharif Bukhari went to Meerut to study, Sarkar Hafiz Millat was very sorry, and said, “Shariful Haq has gone.” When Hazrat Shahr Bukhari wrote a letter of apology to Hafiz Millat, Hazrat replied in this way: I am very sorry to see you gone. . (Maarif al-Bukhari, p. 212. According to Hayat Hafiz Millat, p. 151)

He loved Shahr al-Bukhari (may God bless him and grant him peace) immensely and had great faith in his knowledge and grace, and sometimes he used to refer the Mustafati Sahibs to him for fatwas.

Allama Arshad-ul-Qadri (peace be upon him) is one of the special disciples of Hazrat Hafiz Millat (peace be upon him). Hafiz Millat was very fond of you. He was an active supporter and sincere advisor of Tehreek Ashrafiya. On one occasion, in a public meeting, Huzur Hafiz Millat said, “If Allah Ta’ala had given Abdul Aziz so much wealth, I would have weighed my Arshad with gold.”

Once Hafiz Millat said in a public meeting about Bahrul Uloom Mufti Abdul Manan Azmi, “Our Mufti Sahib is Bahrul Uloom, Mufti Sahib has studied all the books in the library (Ashrafi Darul Mudayah)”. Naumani)

Maulana Qari Muhammad Yahya Mubarakpuri was a talented scholar and an excellent and cheerful Qari. His voice was extremely attractive, so Hafiz Millat often used to say that “I have not found a reciter like Muhammad Yahya in India”.

Maulana Ubaidullah Khan Azmi mentions a meeting, which was presided over by Hafiz Millat. When Hafiz Millat’s presidential speech began, Hafiz Millat said about Maulana Azmi that “Mashallah, Hafiz Ubaidullah Sahib is a speech machine” (Ex, p. 314).

Qazi Maulana Muhammad Shafi-e-Uzmi mentions the kind nature of Hafiz Millat on his students and writes; Buddha to Buddha and stranger to stranger disciple was as dear to him as intelligent to intelligent, capable to capable and close to close disciple.

He loved his students immensely. Expulsion of students from madrassa was very hard on his health, he used to say that the expulsion of students from madrassa is just like a father dismembering his son or cutting off a diseased part of the body. He had immense love for the students and their lives, because he did not see the waste of the students and he had paternal compassion for the students. He kept the students informed. He used to visit him when he fell ill.

In Islamic institutions, usually on the occasion of Eid al-Adha, some students stay in the madrassa. Children of Ashrafiya also stay in some madrasas on such occasions. But in the presence of Hazrat, no one even realizes that they are spending Eid moments in the valley of poverty away from their parents. On the day of Eid-ul-Azha, Hazrat used to invite all the present students and give them a banquet himself, and he would take care of feeding them by strolling around, and he would try to fill things again when the things were finished. On the occasion of this banquet activity, Hazrat Students are not bothered. A prominent style of patronage was also that Hazrat used to distribute one rupee to all the students on this day. So that the minds of the students cannot be disturbed by the memory of this routine which their parents keep. (Hayat Hafiz Millat, p. 202)

In summary, Hafiz Millat’s dedication to students, sincere love and good morals can never be forgotten.

His student Rashid Allama Muhammad Ahmad Misbahi states that “Once during my student days I fell ill in Ashrafiyya and somehow Hazrat came to know about it.” Suddenly I see that Hazrat Khil is coming downstairs to my room as usual. Come closer. He asked now. Guided and prayed.” (Ex p. 184)

This compassion and compassion of Hazrat Hafiz Millat was common to all the students of Jamia Ashrafia. There are hundreds of such incidents, not just one or two, which prove the moral comprehensiveness and universality of good behavior of Hazrat. He used to pay special attention to the poor students of the seminary. He considered the students like children. He used to behave in the same way with his neighbors and the people of his neighborhood. Your life was a mirror of the Sunnah of the Prophet. Your life is still a beacon for the Muslim Ummah. May Allah grant us the opportunity to follow your footsteps. Amen

By: Muhammad Arif Raza Naumani Misbahi

Editor: Payam Barakat, Aligarh

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