The need to stabilize the democratic system



The need to stabilize the democratic system

Today we are celebrating 74th Republic Day. Because on this very day, 26 January 1950, the Constitution of India came into force and all the citizens of India were given the opportunity to live a free life. Globally, India has the pride of being a great democratic country. One of the great virtues of the Constitution of India is that according to it, every Indian is free for his religious, political, social, educational and cultural freedom. But it should be kept in mind that getting all the above mentioned freedoms does not mean that we should strangle the freedom of others in the name of our freedom. Rather, it is necessary for us to limit the scope of our freedom to such an extent that it does not affect the freedom of others. For example, if we are performing our religious rituals, it does not mean that we should hurt and disturb others in the name of our religious freedom. But despite this, if we put others in trouble in the name of religious freedom, it is as if we are making a mockery of the Constitution of India and seriously attacking our country’s global and humanitarian reputation. Similarly, if we incite bigotry on the basis of religion, we tend to harm other religions and their followers. Sow seeds of hatred among Indians. Along with this, if we do not spare each other’s life and financial losses, it is as if we are shaking the foundation of our beloved country India instead of strengthening it.
As different religions, different languages ​​and different cultured people are the guarantee of the beauty of India, we can never deny the fact that to ignore and want to destroy any one of the citizens of India is the beauty of India. is to be tarnished.
Moreover, our country has been the cradle of Sadhus-saints and Sufis for centuries. Songs of eternal love and unity have been sung here. Especially the great personalities like Khwaja Ajmeri, Mahaveer Jain, Buddha, Swami Vivekananda and Guru Nanak, who have taught the priceless lesson of humanity and humanity in the Indian air, no one can present an example at the international level.
And the proud thing for us Indians is that the fragrance of the teachings of these personalities and their way of life is still present in the atmosphere of our country and we all continue to be perfumed by it. But if today we separate ourselves from the teachings of these great personalities and forget their humane character, then we are more arrogant than ourselves and we may even claim to obey them and kill these enviable personalities with our own hands. Shatter the dream of

Moreover, if the undemocratic act and inhuman act is done by an ignorant citizen, it can be considered and explained to a certain extent, but if all the same work is done by an educated person and for the sake of his own greed and getting positions. If the democratic system and constitution of India is placed on the niche, it can never be ignored. Because the undemocratic step of an ignorant person cannot be as dangerous as the undemocratic step of an educated person.

Because today, from the village to the city and from the province to the center, wherever you look, the actions of educated Indians are rising against the democratic system. Even if it is the field of education. Even if there is a fair ground. Even in the field of administrative affairs. Or the field of political science and sociology. Looking at the undemocratic measures taken in these areas, it seems that it has become very difficult to believe in the democratic system. Rather, the democratic system is going through the stages of burial. But when the Republic Day comes, we Indians have a feeling about the Constitution of India that it is not 100% correct in our country. But somehow the life of democracy is still left. All that is needed is to breathe life into the dying democracy in the country so that the trust and faith of any Indian among us who has been shaken on democracy is restored.


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