The next big thing in Australian cricket is confirmed to be part of the IPL auction



A small auction is said to be held in Kochi next month for next year’s Indian Premier League and a host of top-flight T20 talents have signed up for the event, hoping to secure a contract with one of the ten franchises. While teams decided to keep a majority of their teams and a few of the big names dropped out, there would be no dearth of star power leading to bidding wars between teams.

Among the auctioneer’s most sought-after talents, young Australian founder Cameron Green makes his name for the first time. He is looking forward to the opportunity to come into contact with the best cricketers in the world and to be mentored by a world-class coaching staff.

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“I’ve signed up for it (the IPL). It’s going to be an exciting opportunity,” Green said at cricket.com.au’s website. Unplayable podcast. “Talking to a lot of guys, especially in a WA (Western Australian) setting about their experiences in the IPL, they are very vocal about it.”

Green continued, “They talk about the great coaches that are around you, the great players that are around you. They are the best in the world at their craft. It’s a craft that I haven’t been exposed to much. I’m very open to wanting to learn as much as I can, and this is probably one of the best environments to learn.” In which “.

The 23-year-old Green has made 14 Tests, 13 ODIs and 8 T20Is since his international debut in December 2020. Indian fans watched him during the three-match T20I series earlier this year when he hit two ups. Half a century in Mohali and Hyderabad.

However, for now, his focus is on preparing for the two-Test series against the West Indies at home and busy switching to the red-ball position.

Green said: “I’ve been doing some sessions on the bowling machine basically trying to change my point of contact. In T20 cricket you catch the ball in front of you so far in front of you, so you get that full swing.

“Trying to rein it in and hit the ball under your eyes (it’s hard). I’ve had some good training mainly just playing a defensive shot and getting your balance right and being able to let go of the ball – it just felt weird. It’s a challenge for all the guys who are chopping and changing (formats) I am just experiencing it now.”

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