The power of the pen. The power of the pen


The students of madrassas and our brothers who are still away from pen and paper – it is a request for them to make a plan at the beginning of this new year 2023 so that within this one year I will end my relationship with pen and paper. I will develop the value that by 2024 I will emerge as a new penman!
Determination, independence and passion are prerequisites
Nothing else is difficult

Below is an article on the importance of pen and paper, read it and guess the power of pen!

The power of the pen We talk about the importance of the pen and the necessity of the pen, but the ground truth is that until now we have not been able to really get acquainted with the power, importance and necessity of this pen. …It is the result of this lack of familiarity that today there is a shortage of pen scholars in our community and there is also a shortage of appreciators of pen and paper….-
Speeches on outdated topics are listened to with great interest and they are well applauded, but today’s cry is that no one pays attention to the writings written with blood and sweat…
Remember!… As much as the role of the pen and paper is in the communication of religion and publication of the Sharia, it is not the same as the speech… The importance of speech is Muslim… No one can deny it, intellectually. And I listen to academic speeches myself and of course I should listen too…but it is a matter of exaggeration…that is, whoever has the rail position should get it anyway and unfortunately today the pen is not getting it.
Just as today’s editor is lamenting in this regard, in the same way, the editor of the past is also crying over this pain. Bauzen was known by titles such as “Rais Tahrir”. That personality does not belong to anyone else.. It belongs to Hazrat Allama Arshad Al-Qadri, may God bless him and grant him peace. So we see the future of the nation as very bleak…. The force with which you seem to be appealing to the scholars in this regard… it is difficult to find precedent…-
Allama Arshad-ul-Qadri (a.s.) was filled with the pain of the nation… He was always worried about the nation… We can get some idea of ​​this pain from his letter which he wrote to Allama Yasin Akhtar. It was written to Misbahi.
This letter was written by Hazrat Quaid Ahle Sunnat Allama Arshad Al-Qadri to Allama Yasin Akhtar Misbahi when he came to know that the monthly magazine “Hijaz Jadid” published by Misbahi was running at a loss. See the letter:

Raees Tahrir Hazrat Maulana Yasin Akhtar Misbahi (Madira Ala Hijaz Modern New Delhi)

Peace be upon you, mercy and blessings

Dear mood?

It was a pleasure to meet you at the office of Jamia Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Delhi on 26th January on your return from your foreign trip, but I was also saddened to know that the monthly “Hijaz Jadid” is running at a loss. A loss is a warning sign for any business. If it is not compensated by artificial means, it ends up being exactly the same as the heat of the pulse that goes out. This is the way that newspapers reach the poor.

This news also worries me because our community is sensitive in all matters, but in the matter of writing its coldness of feeling has reached the freezing point. There is no mosque, madrassa, dargah, urs and jalsa and processions that our Jamaat has not saved from death. The experiences of the years are evidence that whenever there was a disaster on one of them, a crowd of messiahs gathered at the bank and despite a thousand difficulties, whoever was to be saved was saved.

But whoever took up the pen in hand to create a map of the heights of life had to pass through this harsh valley alone, no one shared his burden. Everyone saw the sight of him falling after being hurt, but no one was able to put ointment on the wounds. No one has realized that if the blood that is being absorbed in the impressions of the writings dries up every month, where will the light for the pen come from? Who will keep the pulse of feeling warm? Who will open the window of concern? Who will give new energy to passion? And who will encourage the caravan of courage to travel?

All these needs continued to voice the foragers and they continued to see the spectacle of stoned eyes and ragged breaths, finally a ship of thought and knowledge sank before the eyes of its own captains. I have witnessed many such painful deaths and I myself have died and revived many times from such death. You may remember that a year ago in Delhi, when you expressed your intention to publish a monthly magazine, on the same day I informed you about the difficulties in this path. But the long life of the passion is that you have to pass through this itchy valley anyway. May you continue your journey with the confidence that there are some realists in the crowd of chanters.

Despite the concern, I am hopeful for the monthly “Hijaz” to survive, as it is the first mouthpiece of Ahl-e-Sunnat to take up a revolutionary movement of intellectual and organizational awareness. Your editorial in each issue clearly indicates the destination, where you want to take the young generation of Ahle Sunnah, the epitome of any editor’s pen energies is actually his editorial itself. If you have armed even one hundred and fifty members of the congregation with the energies of the pen through your thought-provoking and thought-provoking editorials, your name will be preserved in history as the founder of the indomitable forces of religious life.

Every month, you continue to run the spear on the dead veins of feeling, from somewhere the sleep of life will burst forth, sometimes people will rise above the level of emotions and thinkers will be born. Although the color of the Sahiri of the writing emerges late, but if it emerges, it remains with the same color for centuries. If you want to see a living example of this, then study the brilliant personality of Imam Ahle Sunnat Fazil Barelvi. In his life, except for “a few books, medicines and pens”, have you seen any thunder of speeches and speeches? According to the narration of the narrators, out of three hundred and sixty days, only three days were reserved for sermons, the rest of the days were occupied with nothing but pen and paper.

If the great Hazrat Fazil Barelvi had not made us heirs to the treasures of his knowledge and knowledge in the form of volumes, then how would we walk in the whole world with our heads raised today? If we didn’t have the treasures of his writings, what document would we have to call Abu Hanifa, Ghazali and Razi of our time? And let the mindless intellect remain silent that a global revolution of discrimination between right and wrong in the name of Ahl al-Sunnah, which has spread across the vast expanses of the world today with its blessed and blessed works, was created by the pen of a single person. Is.

Apologizing for my bitter profanity, I cannot remain without saying at this point that Hazrat Fazl Barelvi had made us the heirs of the pen and the pen and we have been running towards the pulpit for half a century, the result is that now Writers are not born in our Jamaat. Our eyes yearn to see a thinker. No religion of the world has survived on the basis of words that dissolve in the air, unless it has thought-provoking literature on its back, it can neither gain stability nor be transmitted from generation to generation. In this regard, I am giving a very sad news to the readers of “Hijaz”, in my long journey, I had the chance to see religious literature in different languages ​​in many countries of Europe, America and the Middle East. The literature of the false sects born in India was found in different languages, but apart from Hazrat Fazl Barelvi, we could not find the name of any other writer of Ahl al-Sunnah in this Anbar and we were not surprised because when we came to our motherland. If they could not produce any intellectual and academic literature in the language, then why can it be translated into international languages?

If the intellectuals and writers of our Jamaat do not compensate for these losses, then we will not have any name and mark left across the borders of India with the present distinction and identity. By the way, except for Iran and Najd, there is no country in the world where the Sunni religion is not alive with the same traditions that are alive in India and Pakistan. And it can never be accepted that the religion is alive and the people of knowledge, people of thought, people of pen and people of media are not active behind it. But the mourning is due to our own fault that why we have not abandoned our preaching responsibilities at the universal level?

The reason for this is nothing else than that we have spent all our energy on speeches alone and we have made a huge mistake that we have made our people a prey to speeches. And made it so popular that apart from speeches, the spirit of receiving writings was completely lost from them. If we are ready to offer Sajdah Sahu, the situation is still not out of control.

For this, two basic tasks have to be done, the first task is to create a dynamic and active group of thinkers among the Ahlus Sunnah by using all possible means of encouragement and encouragement, and the second task is That a sincere spirit of acceptance and appreciation of pen services should be created in its people so that they would give all kinds of support to keep the written work alive.

We are starting our revolutionary campaign with the monthly “Hijaz”, which has come out under a systematic intellectual and constructive plan. To make its future financially stable and secure, at least one hundred devotees from all over the country are required to send a draft of five hundred to your address in the name of “Hijaz Jadadi” monthly. In this way, after accumulating a large amount of money, he will pass through the initial stages of the trial safely, God willing.

I have offered my share of money at your service through Azizi Faiz Rabbani Salma, and hope that those who feel the importance of the monthly “Hijaz” will carry forward this movement.

Appreciate you
Arshadul Qadri
Faiz Uloom, Jamshedpur
February 1, 1989

(Bareed East, Dr. Khushtar Noorani, Letter No. 148, World View Publishers, Lahore)

The reference in the text is taken from a writing of our pen friend Maulana Saleem Qadri Rizvi Sahib-


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