The Qatari nation will continue to rub salt in the wounds of its opponents.



The fiery CEO of Qatar Airways has lashed out at critics of his country’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup, saying his nation will always rub salt in the wounds of its opponents.

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Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Bakr has issued a strong statement against those who oppose and criticize the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He says that the Qatari nation will always “sprinkling salt in the wounds” of its opponents. Akbar Al-Bakar’s statement shows that as the FIFA World Cup event approaches, signs of controversy and disagreements about this topic are becoming prominent.

The FIFA tournament will begin on November 20. In this regard, the reciprocal attitude of the authorities of the Gulf state of Qatar, which is small but rich in energy reserves, is emerging. Concerns have already been raised by a few countries and football teams over issues such as Qatar’s stance on LGBTQ rights and its treatment of large numbers of low-paid migrant workers.

At the same time Qatari officials were unveiling the expansion of Qatar’s Hamad Airport, al-Bakr emphasized a point, saying, “We always rub salt in the wounds of our adversaries.” In the last two years, it has received the best “Skytracks” airport award from Singapore Changi Airport.

“Our opponents are running a negative media campaign against our beloved country because people don’t want to accept the fact that a small country like Qatar is competing to host the biggest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup,” Al Bakr added. Won.

Thanks for the wonderful arrangement

Referring to the preparations being made in his country for the FIFA World Cup event, Al Bakr said, “We have ensured the provision of all the necessary things for this big event.” These include provision of maximum flights at both airports with the help of additional flights and chartered aircraft. In this sense, we have done all our preparations very well.

Al-Bakar said in his statement on the occasion of an event on the expansion of Hamad Airport that there will be a huge increase in passenger capacity at this airport. That is, instead of 40 million, Hamad Airport now has a capacity of 59 million passengers and in the future, through further expansion, this airport will be able to easily handle up to 75 million passengers. As part of the expansion project of Hamad Airport, a garden containing 300 trees and 2500 plants has also been planted in it.

Criticism of Singapore Airport

A garden similar to the one planted at Qatar’s Hamad Airport is also planted at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Qatar Airways Chief Executive Officer Akbar Al Bakr had previously alleged that Singapore had stolen the idea from Qatar. This allegation was, however, supported by Singapore Airport authorities. In 2019, this “Jewel Garden” with an indoor waterfall was opened in Singapore.

Akbar Al Bakr said in his statement, “We do not want our Hamad Airport to become the world’s largest hub near Dubai International Airport, which is the world’s busiest international airport.” We always focus on quality in Qatar and will deliver only the highest quality.”

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