The refrigerator is not cooling Solve with Simple Tips

The refrigerator is not cooling

Sometimes refrigerator do not cooling What we keep in the fridge That thing goes bad but how can we solve this problem at Home with easy Tips. 

Sometimes we see ice on Evaporator In the bottom meal and the Refrigerator is not cooling we should Turn OFF Refrigerator and we have to get everything out from refrigerator and should wash Refrigerator with care fully When all the snow has melted and the refrigerator thoroughly cleaned then we should Turn ON.

When we face this problem we should check his thermostat and Relay overload and Gas But when every this is OK then why not cooling. Some Time Refrigerator need Service.

If your Refrigerator faced cooling problem, you have to check your fridge gaskets. You can buy really affordable fridge gaskets & seals here.

Note : If we see More Ice on Evaporator In the bottom meal then we should Wash Refrigerator (it’s mean Refrigerator Service) and Refrigerator Thermostat Set at 5.

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