The World Cup-winning captain points out the big difference between India and England



Former West Indies captain Darren Sami said on Monday that Indian cricketers who do not play in overseas leagues have contributed to their disappointing T20 campaign. Globalism Glass.

No active Indian cricketer, whether contracted or otherwise, is permitted to play in T20 overseas tournaments.

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Sammy, who led West Indies to two T20 World Cup titles (2012 and 2016), said the England champions had benefited from the experience of their players trading in leagues abroad, including Australia’s Big Bash.

“Players who have had experience playing in T20 tournaments around the world have really shined. You look at India, which has the biggest T20 league, but its players don’t have the experience of players who play all over the world,” Sami said in an ICC release.

“You look at guys like Alex Hales, Chris Jordan, the guys who play in the Big Bash. It’s no coincidence that (England) have excelled in Australia. England have been the most complete team and they are the right champions. They have shown that they are the best team ever in all of Australia. Their matches are full of pressure.”

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England beat Pakistan by five wickets in a top-down encounter at the MCG on Sunday to become the only men’s team to win 50 titles and a T20 World Cup at the same time.

“England has always been able to adapt to whatever the situation demands. Whether it is against Afghanistan In Perth, they did what they needed to to win. Against Sri Lanka and New Zealand they ramped up the pace when necessary.”

“against India In the semi-finals we saw it. In the final, they were in control. They only needed to chase 137, and they did. This is maturity in hitting, understanding what you have to do and playing accordingly. They were the team most adaptable with racquet and ball and they are well-deserved winners.”

Sami praised England star Ben Stokes, who didn’t get off 49 balls in the final, who he described as the “champion” of the England team.

“I’m totally annoyed with Ben Stokes. He was like a sponge, suck pressure for England, suck, suck and suck and then you squeeze and release. That was Ben Stokes on that chase,” said 38-year-old Sammy.

“I am so happy for him that he stood in the final. It’s not the first time he’s done that. It tells you the trait of a great player because you always find yourself in a position to be a hero for your team. That’s what Ben Stokes did.”

It was payback time for Stokes taking knocks from Carlos Braithwaite for four straight six years in the 2016 T20 World Cup Final at Eden Gardens in Kolkata.

“I think it was unfair to him that the person who stood out in the 2016 final is remembered when you talk about the T20 World Cup Finals. Since then, he has soared high like an eagle. With the bat, in particular, he has had many great moments in all forms. All three,” Sammy said.

“That’s over and Carlos Brathwaite-State will be one of the first things you think of when you look back at the T20 World Cup. It won’t be the first thing you think of when it comes to Ben Stokes. This is a sign of all he has achieved.”

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