Their mission to face explosive England in Adelaide is ended



as such India Meet England in the second semi-final of the ICC Men’s T20 Globalism In Thursday’s cup, the team led by Rohit Sharma may have the advantage, having already played on the field. England, who were in Group A and finished second, played all the league matches in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

India already tasted the conditions in Adelaide last week when they defeated Bangladesh by five games in a rain-stopping match.

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However, the Indian team knows that past records and performances will mean nothing, and that how they appear and perform on that particular day will determine whether or not they enter the final.

India coach Rahul Dravid, clearly after India’s final Group B match in Group B at the MCG on Sunday night, said conditions may be different than when they played Bangladesh on November 2.

“We have to go out there and see. I watched a few matches today (on Sunday) and I know the tracks were slow and stuck to it and turned a little bit. We might be playing on a brand new bar in Adelaide. To be honest, the bar we played against Bangladesh was not going. A different kind of wicket. I can’t sit here right after the game right now and predict what’s going to happen there. We’ll have two days. We’ll go take a look at that wicket and see what we think he might do. Of course, if he’s slow, we’ll play according to those situations. Dravid said: If we thought it might play differently, we’d have to put together a team to match that.”

Ravichandran Ashwin, head of India’s non-vertigo first team, was upbeat about playing in the semi-finals, and also looked forward to what exactly it could be like after a week in the MCG.

In response to a question in the mixed zone after a 71 win over Zimbabwe, with Ashwin having three-22 in four, about how exactly seven days from now it will be in the same venue (MCG will host the final on November 13), the youngster said 36 years old from Chennai: “At the same time, same place if we come here will be good. No doubt about it. Repeating the first match (in terms of score and against Pakistan) will be very good for the fans. For me, this will be the fifth international cricket world cup. T20 (2012, 2014, 2016, 2021, 2022) and the ninth ICC event (including the Over-50 World Cup and Champions Cup), would be good to play the final in the MCG. It would be a great feeling.”

However, Ashwin started preparing for the semi-finals even against Zimbabwe, trying a few things in the MCG. He said, “A wicket is definitely not something I always go for. It’s about what comes out of the hand. In the back of my head, I also wanted to think about the next match and what awaits me. It helps you gain confidence in the next match.”

India’s next match against England in the semi-final will be the first at the Adelaide Oval Stadium between the two teams in any format. England have no fan record in white ball cricket on this ground, having lost 12 internationals and won only four in 17 matches. In the only T20I at this venue in 2011, England beat hosts Australia by one front.

Ashwin, who has picked up six wickets in five matches and has an EPA of 7.52 in this World Cup, said conditions vary from place to place and also from day to night. “We need to understand that we play in different conditions. In the last night we played (against Bangladesh), the ball slipped well for the team that hits second. We can’t follow preconceived notions, as the curators know how to prepare the pitch for the semi-finals. “We have to play what’s in front of us and look forward to playing the semi-finals,” Ashwin said.

While India had four wins out of five matches – losing only to South Africa, who were knocked out by petite Holland at the Adelaide Oval on Sunday – England finished second in their group behind New Zealand. England didn’t really set fire to the tournament, even losing to humble Ireland. Their entry into the semi-finals depends on the outcome of their last league match. They beat Sri Lanka in their last league game to keep defending champions Australia out of the semi-final race.

While England beat Afghanistan, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, they suffered an upset against Ireland while their match against Australia in Melbourne was abandoned. Called up to the T20 squad earlier this year against Pakistan in September after a three-and-a-half year hiatus, 33-year-old opening batsman Alex Hales was the main batsman with a lifespan of 50 while Ben Stokes was multi-level. who brought England together in their must-win match against Sri Lanka by 42 unbeaten.

Captain Joss Butler wasn’t quite the form he was at the IPL earlier this year, smashing century after century in India. However, it will be a different ball game when they face India on Thursday at a pier in Sunday’s final.

Surprisingly, England T20 professional footballer Adel Rashid was not among the wickets. His only share of the tournament came against Sri Lanka, he didn’t leak many kicks against the Lankans, and his share of 16 in Sydney brought him the Man of the Match award.

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Rashid, who has the highest number of wickets in England in the T20Is alongside middle-speed Chris Jordan (90), said England are looking forward to the semi-finals. “Definitely very excited. We will definitely do our best to keep it going, stick to our strength, stick to our mentality and play whatever is in front of us that day. Whatever happens that day, I’m sure we’ll give it 100 percent.”

England were well served by mid-range left-hander Sam Curran (10 wickets in the tournament including 5 for 10 against Ireland) and right-back Mark Wood, who fired the fastest delivery in this World Cup – 154.64 kph against New Zealand – With the 150 km/h mark exceeded on five other occasions.

India know they are facing the world’s fastest player in Wood and they are ready for it. While the individual forms of KL Rahul, who published two consecutive half centuries, Virat Kohli And Suryakumar Yadav, who last week climbed to the world number one among the hitters, fans, the Indian team will do well with a good start from Captain Rohit Sharma and his deputy Rahul, the two did not work together in this tournament, their starts yielding 7, 11, 23, 11 and 27 in the five rounds so far.

Perhaps, their best together is booked for the semi-finals and final.

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