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“There are no problems in the team, just an external attempt to create internal problems.” – Thibaut Courtois


After a shocking 2-0 loss against Morocco, the Belgian national team was under the rubble of some internal disagreements between its teammates. But Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois categorically denied all the rumors and said it was an “external attempt” to create internal issues.

“There are no problems in the team, it’s just an external attempt to create internal problems. Of course, after the defeat, nobody is happy, but it brings us closer because we know that we will have to give everything on the grass on Thursday,” said Courtois, as quoted by Wolffoot at the press conference. .

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“I was the first angry after the match, I saw the pictures (smile). But the problem is that there are so many lies about the group, in the press, on social networks, and everything the world takes for granted.

“As a group, we cannot let this negativity affect us. Even if certain things have to be said,” he added.

Furthermore, Courtois stated that should news of the feud emerge through anyone from the squad and if the identity of the “leaked” person would be known to them, they would have their “last day” in the Belgium national team. .

“We said things to each other, and sometimes it’s okay. I don’t think we’ve lost it, but it’s one thing to talk to each other at the table or individually or talk in a group to work things out. The problem is that what’s said in the press isn’t always the truth. Who leaked it? That? We don’t need to know that. “If he goes out, it’s his last day in the national team,” Courtois said.

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It should also be noted that Belgium captain Eden Hazard also denied news of internal conflicts and said: “We had a good conversation between the players. A lot has been said. We talked for an hour about good things and less good things. Now we want to beat Croatia. We now have two days to prepare. We have to To be ready.”

Hazard also denied any confrontation with anyone in the dressing room after Morocco’s loss. He said that the coach spoke to everyone, and on another note, he spoke with midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, after the latter said that the Belgian national team was too big to win the title. Globalism Glass.

“Nothing happened in the dressing room,” said Hazard. “Only the coach (Roberto Martinez) has spoken. I have spoken to Kevin De Bruyne, he believes in the group.”

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