“Total Double Standard” – An Arab-American anchor toasts the Western world after the World Cup kicks off in Qatar


An Arab-American broadcaster grilled what he called “Western double standards” in Qatar 2022 Globalism The cup started on Sunday.

“From the moment Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 World Cup, there has been criticism about its ability and entitlement to hold this event,” said Ayman Mohieldin, an MSNBC anchor who has long written about the Middle East and the Arab world. in an opinion article.

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“What has happened over the past several years, and intensified in the last few months before Sunday’s World Cup premiere, exposes the depths of Western prejudice, performative moral outrage and, perhaps most importantly, gross double standards,” Mohieldin wrote in the newspaper. Article published by MSNBC on Sunday, according to Xinhua News Agency.

Mohieldin, an Egyptian-born journalist based in New York, has observed “a barrage of negative and utterly racist comments” about Qatar — an Arab peninsula — hosting the quadrennial international soccer tournament, including using migrant workers to build stadiums.

“Is this debate really about the rights of migrant workers and human rights, or can European countries and Western pundits, who see themselves as the traditional custodians of world football, just not grasp the idea that an Arab country in the Middle East would host such a solemn event?”

Mohieldin also stressed that it is “suspicious, even disingenuous, to see Western countries and their critics routinely single out Qatar” on certain issues without recognizing it in the United States, which has a poor human rights record.

He continued, “I wonder if any of these European and American commentators and analysts who talk about human rights will call for stripping the United States of hosting part of the 2026 World Cup.” The United States, Canada and Mexico will host the international match. championship four years later.

Mohieldin urged that “instead of stopping by the accusations against Qatar, Europeans and Americans should set a better example of how immigrants should be treated in their countries.”

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A recent investigation concluded, according to what the anchor quoted, that France and Britain let 27 people die last year while arguing over who should save a sinking ship with migrants on board.

In the United States, Republican governors bussed thousands of migrants seeking asylum at the southern border into Democratic-led cities this year as “political pawns” in the partisan battle over the immigration issue.

Mohieldin added, “People have become increasingly frustrated with Western moral arrogance and self-righteousness. I urge us to be more nuanced in our criticism and to resist simply echoing general biased accusations, without some self-reflection.”

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