Training of young students is the most important need of the hour



Training of young students is the most important need of the hour

Youth are the future of the nation. Through them, the history of the rise and development of the nation is written, the youth play an important role in the formation of a good society and family, and when the youth are on the path of education, their value and dignity increases. Great works are done through them. People’s hopes are attached to them. They are like lamps because they lead the nation from darkness to light. They make people’s messiah in difficult situations. Khizr is the way for those who have strayed from the path of the Lord. If they stray from this path, and take the wrong path in the journey of life, it is not only for themselves, but for the whole family and society. Tents will prove.

Therefore, the responsibility of educating children from birth to stepping on the threshold of adulthood rests on the shoulders of parents, this responsibility is very important and requires attention. Enrolling children in higher educational institutions at the age of reading is not the only solution for the education and training of children, but it is very important to educate them morally before enrolling them in schools and madrasas. Respect for elders and compassion for children should be taught. It is mentioned in the Holy Hadith that “When the children are seven years old, order them to pray, and when they are ten years old, teach them (mild) Marmarknamaz.” And separate their beds.” (Sunan Abu Dawud, Hadith 495)

Every person in charge of the house should consider this statement of the two scholars, peace and blessings be upon him, that why our master, peace and blessings of God be upon him, ordered to separate the beds with prayer, because this is such a delicate matter. There is an age in which children start to grow up and adopt good and bad habits, if at the same time they are cared for, they are exposed to Islamic morals and teachings, and Islamic historical events are narrated and they have high courage, bravery. And if bravery and the pain of the nation are created, then these children will become the best example for others and will come forward as better leaders of their nation. The future of the nation is darkened by the power of habituation. Obscenity, indecency, nudity and bad character become common in the society. Then riots happen which are very difficult to stop, one such incident of indecency and obscenity took place among school students in South Delhi. This news is a bit old but it raises many questions for those responsible. Those who rise to their training.

Boys Locker Room Facts:

According to a report by India Today, an Instagram group called “Boys Locker Room” was created by students from a few schools in South Delhi, which included 22 to 27 boys and girls aged 16 to 18 years of class 11th and 12th. Boys in this group shared lewd comments and nude pictures of girls younger than themselves. One of the good girls sent the screenshot of their obscene conversation to the other boys so that they could take action against them. Uncover what they taste and take revenge on them. Therefore, they threatened to spread their nude pictures on social media and rape them. Finally, an FIR was filed against them in the Delhi Police.

Now guess which direction these kids studying in expensive expensive and famous schools are going? How are you using modern technology? How are you misusing social media? This leads to other teenage boys toying with girls’ emotions. They are inventing new methods of obscenity and immorality for others. In the name of education they are deceiving family members. In the name of education, they are becoming lustful beasts. Morality and character are being strangled. Sarbazar is auctioning the honor of parents. If they were taken care of from childhood, if they were trained on Islamic lines, then these days would not have to be seen.

Especially when the children are studying in the hostel, the responsibilities of the parents are increased, because the students living in the hostel are from different places. They are of all ages. If they come from a different environment, there are more risks of their habits becoming worse in such situations. Therefore, train them properly from the beginning and teach them good morals and guide them better in obtaining education and their goals. Make them mindful, show them their destination by making them aware of the setbacks on the way to their destination, then the path to success will be paved. This is just one example, there are many such examples. It destroys the intellectual life as a result of which the other stages of life become difficult.

One of the major reasons for the aforementioned behavior is the effect of bad company. In the Holy Hadith, it is narrated from Hazrat Abu Hurairah, the Prophet, peace be upon him, says, “A man follows the way of his friend, so each of you One should see with whom one is making friends.” (Tirmidhi Sharif, Hadith 2378)

The friendship of people with bad company and dirty mentality always has a bad effect on life, so one should be very careful in making friends. However, unnecessary friendship is very harmful in student life. The main reason for the incident mentioned above is bad association.

The religion of Islam has guided human beings at every stage, be it the three periods of life (childhood, youth, old age) or other areas of life, it has not left them thirsty anywhere. There is great wisdom in the order given in the Holy Hadith to separate the beds of children at the age of ten years, apparently it is a command to separate their beds, in this context, there are many wisdoms and orders hidden that now Increase their care, guide them properly. Maintain a friendly relationship with them, give them a chance to speak their mind, so that they can get better guidance by explaining their personal matters to their parents, parents and house responsibilities too. Be considerate of their feelings. Teach your children modesty. Inculcate the fear of Allah in their hearts. Tell them that Allah sees the actions of every believer, whether they are done in secret or openly, so we should ask Allah everywhere. should be feared.

When moral defects, obscenity, indecency and various evils spread and affect the youth in the society, then their parents are also guilty, they do not monitor the movements of the children, their own. They run away from responsibilities, they don’t even see which people the child sits in the company of, the company also has a lot of influence, sometimes small children sit in the gatherings of people older than their age and any wrong thing done unknowingly affects them. But it has an effect, which makes a good person stray from the path of goodness, the consequences of which have to be borne for life, therefore, along with good upbringing of children, their high education is also necessary.

If the children make a mistake, they should be corrected in isolation for their mistake, they should be made aware of the moral and social disadvantages, so that they can cope, if they are reprimanded in front of people, their self-esteem is hurt. So more distortions are likely to occur. Children are sincere and young, they need the guidance of adults, along with their better guidance, we should also pray for their better future.

By: Muhammad Arif Raza Naumani Misbahi
Editor: Payam Barakat, Aligarh


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