Trilateral contest for Gujarat elections: Will anything change?


Trilateral contest for Gujarat elections: Will anything change?

For the ruling BJP in Gujarat, if inflation and unemployment are ignored, the anti-government wave of twenty-seven years in the state and eight years at the Center is enough to add to its woes this time. This time Gujarat’s competition does not seem to be as easy as what media is telling. According to a few neutral sources, the BJP is really sleeping these days because the dates of one of the two assembly elections to be held at the end of this year have already been announced and one of them could be held at any time. Is. Experts say that this time BJP is seen on a very weak wicket in both Himachal and Gujarat states, even though the same governments are running in both the places. Governments are indeed running, but everything is not going well in the governments because sometimes there is tension inside and sometimes there are reports of rebellion.

The election of Gujarat, apart from Himachal, is also important for the saffron party because this state is the home province of both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and both of them paved their way to the center on the tail of this province. Therefore, today not only his reputation but also the entire saffron party is at stake because both the leaders are the most important and popular faces of the party. In fact, since the march of Narendra Modi to the centre, the politics of Gujarat has been unbalanced till date and even though its saffron leadership has remained intact, its quality and governance have seen a drastic decline and this is the situation today. That there is an anonymous chief minister whose name is unknown to the people of the state. No one knows who is in the cabinet, what the ministers and ministries have done. This is the reason why people from different sectors are seen on the streets every day and it can be said that there is a whirlwind of Satta worship going on in the whole state.

The worry for the BJP is that first naturally the people of Gujarat are fed up with its nearly three decades long leadership and are looking for a political alternative and then Arvind Kejriwal comes to Gujarat with his entire team. are sitting and trying to project themselves as a political alternative to the BJP despite the presence of the Congress. Kejriwal and his neta are shouting to Gujaratis in their own way that you just give us one chance! We will not ask again. Of course, this strong and sustainable voice of Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party has emerged in Gujarat at a time when it is most needed. And the Aam Aadmi Party’s morale is high after the victory of Punjab along with the consecutive successes of Delhi and the courage and boldness with which it is repeatedly hitting the sectarian party like BJP. That may spoil the game of Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah in Gujarat.

In Gujarat, AAP first started its work in rural areas where the condition of Congress is said to be better. At that time, BJP did not take it seriously because it itself was weak there, but it was quite happy that Kejriwal was active in areas where Congress was strong. In such a case, the votes of both the parties will be divided and the benefit will come to the BJP’s account, but as soon as Mr. Kejriwal moved to the cities, Modi and Amit Shah became restless. And their anxiety intensified when Kejriwal’s civic rallies and sabhas turned out to be unimaginably crowded and he received immense public love. While the positive feedback from the people in the cities boosted Kejriwal’s morale, the BJP went into a double whammy because its position in the rural areas was already weak and now the division in the urban areas was also visible. Which of course was a cause of trouble for him.

For Mr. Modi, the fear of Kejriwal in his own state is not a common fear to be ignored as Kejriwal is the rival of Modi and the saffron party who repeatedly defeated Modi and his team in Delhi’s Chinnavi Dangal. And the noses are chewed. Then after the success of Punjab, it is obvious that its power has increased a lot and now the Aam Aadmi Party has broken the bandwagon of the regional party and become a national party, so it is natural for BJP to be worried in Gujarat. In Gujarat elections, the concept of the ‘Gujarat model’, which has been championed by the BJP for a long time, is bound to emerge and is undoubtedly the factor that has catapulted Modi and Amit Shah to the central throne. He played an important role in delivering. But in the current scenario, the ‘Gujarat Model’ is in direct competition with Kejriwal’s ‘Delhi Model’, which is better and more effective than the Gujarat Model in all respects. Because this is the model that a government should offer to its citizens and what the people need i.e. education, health, electricity and water. Delhi’s Kejriwal government has not only succeeded in providing all these basic facilities but has also received accolades for it from all over the world. This is the reason why the people of Gujarat are somewhere looking for their good and improvement in the victory of this party.

As for the Congress, unlike many other states where the BJP is in power, it is doing well in Gujarat, as it is believed to have a strong hold in the rural areas of the border state. And this is true as can be gauged from the 2017 assembly elections in which BJP won 99 seats while Congress won 77 seats. It can be clearly seen that there is not much seat gap between the two parties. This is why the Prime Minister stepped into Gujarat with great fanfare on the second day of the UP election results this year to prevent the Congress from increasing its seats and getting closer to power in this election. . At that time, there was only one major competitor in his mind, the Congress, but as the election time approached, Kejriwal also tightened his grip on Gujarat and now instead of one, two rivals stood in front of the BJP. Now it will be interesting to see who will sit on the mace of Gujarat in this three-way competition.

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