Unexpected Melbourne weather leaves everyone on edge


Melbourne: It was the first day in beautiful Melbourne and the weather was looking good. In the early 1920s, low humidity and clean air were more pleasant. A few hours later, when I was hiking in the CBD area, a steady breeze started blowing and most of us shivered in the late hours of a weekday. Not prepared on opening day, day two should have been prepared for the cold.

Jackets were taken out and layers were added before the flight to Melbourne cricket Earth, two days ago. guess what? The sun was shining, the sky was clear and it was clear that the jacket was not supposed to be worn. Careful after trying the previous night, the jacket stayed on but started to feel a bit uncomfortable as we explored the gigantic stadium and sports facilities around it.

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“You’re not hot, my friend?” Former Australian cricketer David Hussey inquired about seeing the bulging layer on me. My response came: “I don’t really understand the weather here, so I took extra precautions.” “Welcome to Melbourne (laughs), and be prepared for any weather,” he assured. It remained nice and sunny, classes were off most of the day and remained so until late evening. Gentle and warm, the steady breeze gave a nice touch.

Two days and most of us thought we made it through the weather match and felt better prepared for the rest. However, Melbourne was ready to release another surprise as it turned overcast the next morning and the chilly winds returned with steady bouts of rain. The jackets were still outside but the umbrellas were ignored. I learned lesson number 2.

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“Melbourne is the only city that can give you four seasons a day,” our tour operator reported for the day. very right. I experienced the warmth of summer, the gray monsoons, the light drizzle and the winter cold. All in one day! Locals call this a hard weather period because summer here really feels like summer, winter is winter but in between they get a little bit of everything and have jackets in the bag and an umbrella at the ready.

A day before the T20 World Cup Final, everyone was swamped with weather forecast apps as they predicted rain on Saturday. The day started again on a cloudy and cold note but the afternoon turned out to be very enjoyable.

Bright and sunny with a warm wind and the perfect setting for an afternoon barbecue with some cold beer on tap. “Ah, it won’t rain the final, it looks like a full match,” said one cab driver, but he was cautious in his tone of voice. The warning was about to make sense in just under two hours as the rain returned, in glory, and the city, on a very busy Saturday, rolled out of its canopies.

Sanitation at MCG

During the intense MCG tour on opening day, officials from the venue knew rain was in store but seemed confident there would be a full game on Sunday. Daryl, who has been giving the MCG rounds for years now, was convinced to dry up in play and felt the sand base would only allow for a faster resumption even if it started to flow during a title fight.

“You see that most of the base we have here is sand. So that allows for much faster absorption and the super quality hoppers will just speed up the process. Don’t forget the 7.5km drainage channel we have here and it is absolutely world class,” Daryl said, “even if it rains, We should get the players back on the field soon,” but again with a hint of caution.

positive start

Sunday started off positively here in Melbourne with clear blue skies and plenty of sun, but soon began playing hide and seek with the clouds. The forecast expects rain later in the afternoon, and in the evening hours as well. The forecast was very accurate for the previous day and it remains to be seen how it will play out today. All roads will lead to the MCG later in the evening, expected to be an exciting contest between two quality sides.

However, the rain made the draw all the more important as both sides wanted the scores to be in their favour, and to be in control when they exited the famous pitch. The ICC announced a change in playing conditions in light of the threat and increased overtime from two to four hours for Monday (the day of reserve).

The weather-guessing work has already begun in the early hours of Sunday, but much like Pakistan’s T20 World Cup cricket team, it promises to be very unexpected.

{The writer is in Australia at the invitation of visiting Victoria)

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