Veteran Australian of all levels leaves Suryakumar Yadav



Former Australia national team player Shane Watson has given high praise to Team India’s glowing bat, Suryakumar Yadav, who has been in great shape in the ongoing T20 Globalism Cup 2022. The No. 1 ball in the ICC seeded T20I lit up Australia with his 360-degree shot. The 32-year-old scored 225 points in 5 games with an impressive average of 75. He has played a pivotal role alongside Virat Kohli India’s qualifiers for the semi-finals of the mega international cricket tournament.

He’s shattered three half-century in the championship so far, with his shot in difficult circumstances hijacking the spotlight. Against Zimbabwe, Suryakumar maintained an unbeaten 61 out of only 25 balls which were confused by six and four six balls.

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Waston spoke highly of Surya and said that not many people have done the same in Australian conditions in the T20Is that the Indian T20 WC batters do.

“It’s a real pleasure to be able to watch Sky’s racket for the past two years watching him in the IPL and doing as well as he has been,” Watson told ICC.

“But then, to be able to play it like he did in international cricket too is something worth watching. What he can do in these outdoor conditions in Australia alone is something not many people have been able to do in T20 cricket.”

Suryakumar has a unique quality of play as he finds holes quite easily with his wide range of shots, and Watson feels he has a very rare talent to control his game while reading the shooter and players.

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“It’s a really rare talent where his ability to really read the ball, where he goes to play and where the players are, his control of where the ball goes, it’s a very rare talent. We haven’t seen that often before,” Watson said.

The multi-skilled veteran said Syria has the ability to consistently play the same way in the big matches.

“To be able to do it consistently, to be able to do it in one or two games, it can happen. But to be able to do it consistently in the big games? He’s a special talent and nothing seems to change,” Watson said. “.

“It looks like he’s going out to keep doing that for a long time. He seems to be low risk, even though what he’s doing is high risk.

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