Washington Sundar opens up to an old injury

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guy India Spinner Washington Sundar has opened up about a shoulder injury he picked up during his time with Lancashire. In the past two years, Sundar has suffered numerous injuries which have kept him out of action. Earlier this year, he was signed by Lancashire as he injured his shoulder while playing in a Royal One Day Cup match.

However, the 23-year-old said playing for Lancashire helped him understand his game well and boosted his confidence.

“I spent a lot of time at the NCA, working on my shoulder after my injury playing for Lancashire, which was a great period. I worked on my body and my skills as well. Playing for Lancashire gave me a lot of experience and made me understand myself and my game as well. So, it’s been a great couple of months there. .At the moment I am very excited about this series,” Washington told the announcers on the sidelines as rain caused a delay to the first T20I start.

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The first t20I match between India and New Zealand was abandoned due to continuing rain. The players took part in an indoor football match but Sundar was not interested in that as he stood far away from it.

Vertigo said that he made a pact that he would never play football and also revealed the reason behind it.

It was a freak accident that happened five or six years ago. Before a very important tour, I was playing soccer and broke my ankle. I told myself that I would never play football again in my life! There are many things to do other than just play football. I can run, do some sprints, spend a lot of time doing some movement, open up my hips and shoulders and all that. “

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Meanwhile, Sundar is excited to play in New Zealand as he has been enjoying his time in the country so far.

“New Zealand is probably one of my most favorite and most beautiful countries for me. To be honest, the people here are so friendly and nice. It’s great for me to be here, especially when I come back through this tour and I’m so excited about it. Since we came here We spent a lot of time walking the streets and going to different restaurants nearby. The coffee here was great. We get a lot of privacy here and do whatever we want.”

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