‘We commend them frequently for their petty accomplishments such as winning a double streak’ – Ex-cricketer’s tough assessment



There was an intense outpouring of anger from many former cricketers after that India They came out of T20 Globalism Cup 2022. The losing method was equally disappointing as India showed no fight while defending the 169th goal. They had started slowly in Powerplay after hitting first but managed to score 169 goals, riding on Hardik Pandya’s 33-ball-63 . Fans had expected Men in Blue to chase the English openers, but the situation was turned on its head when openers Alex Hales and Gus Butler charged their Indian bowlers, racing to 63/0 in their first six overs.

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At this point, fans expected India captain Rohit Sharma to get aggressive to regain momentum in their favour. Instead, he made some terrible changes under pressure. Even his body language must have rubbed off the players because Mohamed Elshamy routinely blunders. Suryakumar Yadav, a man of good physique, caught him easily. Although the game is gone at this point.

Former cricketers are now wondering what caused this indifference despite knowing the state of the game from playing in a knockout match. Indian cricketers are probably the highest paid players in the world and earn so much by playing a demo match, why they never showed any passion when things went south, was the question they asked.

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Former cricketer Atul Wasan hit the nail in the head when he said that Indian fans had taken the worshiping champ to such a level where players feel they are on top of the world by just winning in a duo series. He seemed nihilistic when he said fans would forget about it and players would take it to another high.

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“The satisfaction threshold has become really low. Despite the loss, these players will be stars. They are rewarded a lot for much less easy wins. In IPL wins, they become stars. If a player performs well in a duo streak, he will be awarded four contracts. They think That even if they lost the World Cup, they would have nothing to lose,” Wassen told ABP News.

“All the fame that surrounds an Indian cricketer should be rated. You have to understand that a lot of this is due to the fans and the media. Because we commend them so much for their trivial achievements in the duo series, the players feel they have achieved it all. We have not won a single tournament in the International Cricket Championship. 9 years ago If you pick the world’s top 15 cricket stars, 10 of them will be Indians – be it in terms of endorsement, name or fame – but nothing. At the end of the day, the cup cupboard is empty, he added.

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