What is Apple’s 30% tax and why it’s no secret

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Elon Musk now feels insecure about Apple’s Twitter expulsion from the App Store. the reason? Well, in short, Apple does not allow apps that promote hate speech. And the fact that Musk doesn’t actually have effective content management on Twitter besides his plans to welcome all previously banned Twitter users, may actually prompt Apple to ban Twitter.

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Musk also claimed that Apple has “mostly stopped advertising on Twitter.” Note that this is all Musk is claiming and that Apple hasn’t even bothered to respond. Musk was quick to associate ads with freedom of speech and tweeted, “Apple has mostly stopped advertising on Twitter. Do they hate free speech in America?” Yes, according to Musk, not advertising on Twitter means hate for free speech.

Within minutes, he launched another tweet: “Did you know Apple charges a secret 30% tax on everything you buy through the App Store?” Now, this is where Musk was caught lying.

Musk easily decided to rewrite the truth. First, it is not a tax. Secondly, this is not a secret. Third, there are no taxes for end users. Of course, you must have read stories or watched videos about Apple Tax, Microsoft Tax, and Google Tax. In fact, you can add Uber Tax, YouTube Tax, Swiggy Tax, etc. to the list. It’s not a tax, the actual word is commission. The next big fact is that developers who earn US$1 million (Rs. 8.16 crore) per year or more are required to pay 30% of their earnings. For the rest, the fee is 15%.

It’s not just Apple. Google charges a similar commission for hosting Android apps on the Play Store. The main difference is that Google allows users to side-load Android apps or mainly download apps from third-party sources while Apple does not.

What is the 30% Apple tax?

Do not confuse this with some additional taxes such as sales tax, etc. This is just a revenue sharing business model. For example, if you open a YouTube channel, YouTube will display ads while the video is playing on the mobile screens of the end users. Now, that advertising money is split – YouTube keeps 45% while the video creator gets 55% and the end user gets to watch the video for free. Likewise, for developers, they can publish their apps on the Apple App Store so that iPhone, iPad or Mac users can discover and use their apps. Now, if the application is free, then there is no commission or so-called tax. But if the developer is charging for the app, he is required to pay 30% of the profits to Apple if the total annual revenue is US$1 million (Rs. 8.2 crores) or more. If profits are less than $1 million, 15% will be deducted.

This is no secret and Apple has been very clear about this. In fact, every developer is aware of this. Remember that end users are not expected to pay more than the cost of the application. For example, the end user will not have to pay 30% plus $8 per month for Twitter Blue. Musk will have to pay $2.4 of every $8 he makes from Twitter Blue to Apple if Twitter can pass the $1 million annually bracket.

Elon Musk was always aware of Apple’s 30% tax

Musk is now pretending the “apple tax” is a secret. Well, this discussion of the App Store Commission has been widely reported by the mainstream media for years. Indeed, in 2021 Musk expanded his support for Epic Games (the maker of Fortnite) and tweeted in 2021 that “Epic is right” and chose to hold against Apple. So, this is something he totally knew but earlier it was all about the empty tweets. But now when he has to pay, he’s offended and wants the world to fight for Twitter. Why? Because Musk believes Twitter’s survival is critical to protecting free speech for which people are expected to pay him $8 a month to sign up, less than 1% of India’s population uses Twitter, and in the US even former President Donald Trump is reluctant to become active on Twitter. Even though Musk did a red carpet rollout.

Musk is the number one influencer on Twitter, the social networking platform he overpaid to get on. He is now simply using his influence to increase engagement on Twitter by discovering and tweeting new controversies every day. Whatever Musk tweets, he is portrayed as the only person fighting for freedom of speech and the “battle for the future of our civilization.”

If you take him seriously, like his army of social media followers, you will somehow end up believing that Twitter is the most important thing in the world and that everyone should help Musk by paying $8 for Twitter Blue so Rocket Man can protect freedom of expression. all over the world.

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