What should we do as Muslims?



What should we do as Muslims?

The world is the farm of the hereafter, and every one of us knows very well that to keep the fields green and green, one has to go through various stages of hardships and troubles, then the fields are green and the crops look full of spring. are For example, if the field is not helped and its problems are not removed when the need arises, for example, fertilizer and water are not added to the field in time and it is not cleaned with extra grass and weeds, then we are not good in the field. Why don’t you put a good seed in it, it doesn’t get any result, but the seed put in it also loses its existence and rots. In the same way, the seed that has been planted in the form of a human being in the world, if it is not monitored and guarded and then it is not watered spiritually and physically in time, then the seed-like human being will rot while alive and will rot in this way, and in this case neither The world will become the cultivation of the hereafter and its original purpose will not be achieved, while no person wants his life to pass in vain and in vain.
Therefore, if we humans really want our lives to be fruitful for ourselves, for our families, for our country and society, and for the entire human community in this world and the hereafter, then it is necessary for us to recognize the goals of our lives. And don’t spend it like this in vain, but do something so that even after death, we will benefit from this life and others will also know ways to live their lives in its light. The benevolent Messenger of Allah, may God bless him and grant him peace, says: Whoever removes the worldly worries of a believer, Allah Almighty will remove his worries in the Day of Judgment, and whoever turns someone’s hardship into ease, Allah Almighty will make it easy for him in this world and the Hereafter. He who covers the faults of a Muslim, Allah Almighty will hide his faults in this world and in the Hereafter, and Allah Almighty always helps a person who helps his brother. (Mustadrak, Hadith: 1859)
In this holy hadith, the entire human community is being addressed under the veil of Muslims that if we human beings take special care of these four things, for example: (1) remove the problems of humans, (2) create ease for humans, (3) Cover the faults of men, and (4) be ever ready to help men. So, without a doubt, it will be very easy for each of us to follow the formula of “live and let live”. They are connected in the same way as the human body is connected with its organs, such as hands, feet, nose, ears, etc., so there is no escape from all these things for us. If we look carefully, the troubles and problems that occur in human life are broadly of two types:
1. Religious problem: It is that a person is ignorant of religious matters and affairs, so he is unable to fulfill his responsibility in the light of religious principles even if he wants to, so such a person should be made familiar with religious principles and matters and the ways of living according to religion. And rules should be made to convey it to ignorant people, so that they can be able to pay the rights of Allah and the rights of the servants very easily and be safe and secure from all kinds of arrests in this world and in the hereafter.
2. Worldly trouble: It is that a person is in debt, suffers from economic hardship, does not have the power to educate his family and children properly, etc., then arrangements should be made to pay off the debts of that indebted person. He should be helped to overcome his economic misery, and the education and training of his children should be arranged. By this, where a person will be protected from poverty due to the worry of debt and financial distress, there will be human sympathy with each other. Similarly, where uneducated children can be a cause of temptation, corruption and chaos in the society due to their ignorance. There, after getting educated, they will be helpful in making the environment favorable in both religious and worldly terms along with shaping their lives. Moreover, backbiting of any person and showing his faults should be avoided anyway because backbiting is forbidden, and because of it not only the person who backbites is seriously harmed, but it also has dangerous consequences at the national and social level. For example, national chaos, social sedition and corruption, mutual conflict, etc., and all these things are very sensitive and dangerous both from the religious and worldly point of view, so there is a need to think about these aspects very seriously.
In summary, in view of all these things, let us take account of ourselves to what extent we are following this holy hadith. If our action is based on this hadith, then thank Allah and if not, then we will follow this hadith from today. Adapt your life in the light of, otherwise every one of us will know that his being a Muslim will not gain anything, nor will he get any benefit from his creation.
(Editor of Khizrah Monthly, Allahabad)


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