What Sneko Says – Chris Wax, Andy Murray Pons on Ronaldo’s Bruno Fernandes goal claim



Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo scores Bruno Fernandes’ goal in FIFA Globalism The cup match against Uruguay got a lot of attention. While some criticized Ronaldo for his false goal claim, others added a bit of irony while maintaining their point of view forward.

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Aside from the fans, some well-known athletes have also opened up about the incident and used puns to express their opinion on the incident. One of them was Chris Woakes, an English cricketer. He came up with an interesting post, which read, “What does Sneko say about that Ronaldo goal? Flat line I guess.”

This is for all the cricket lovers, the snickometer is a digital technology used in cricket to analyze audio and video graphically. With the help of snicko, one can understand whether the subtle noise, or din, is made when the ball passes by paddle. Woakes has groaned about the entire incident and said he believes it was a ‘flat line’, meaning the ball did not touch Ronaldo’s head for the first goal.

At first, it looked as if it was a header from him that put Portugal ahead of Uruguay. However, a recent examination by the officials confirmed that the ball did not touch Ronaldo’s head and that it was a goal from Bruno Fernandes.

In the 54th minute, Fernandez gave a perfect cross to his teammate Ronaldo, who rose high to try to head the ball into the net but the ball did not touch his head and even then he scored a goal.

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Now, the most interesting part is that even when it was made clear that Fernandes took credit for the opening goal, fans thought it was Ronaldo’s effort.

Another one to congratulate Ronaldo on the goal was Piers Morgan, who recently made a speech that sparked a lot of controversy followed by a split between the Portugal captain and his club, Manchester United.

However, in response to Morgan’s tweet, British tennis player Andy Murray wrote, “I think @B_Fernandes8 is the Twitter address you’ve been looking for.”

Portugal recorded an impressive 2-0 victory over Uruguay, becoming the third team in Qatar after France and Brazil to qualify for the Round of 16, however, the next challenge for the Portuguese will be South Korea on December 2.

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