When the players start making important decisions and the coach watches, it portends disaster: the great Australian Simon O’Donnell



Former Australian player Simon O’Donnell firmly believes that when players, rather than head coaches, start making important team decisions, things can get “mysterious”, and he attributes Australia’s premature exit from the T20 men’s international soccer tournament. Globalism Cup at home for head coach Andrew MacDonald gives in to players’ opinions.

The 59-year-old veteran of 87 ODI and six Tests has expressed serious doubts about McDonald’s ability to lead the national side. MacDonald has been appointed head coach – first on a temporary basis and then on a long-term basis – by cricket Australia (California) After Justin Langer stepped down from his position for a short period of six months was unacceptable to him.

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The players were reportedly unhappy with Langer’s meticulous management and things ended up boiling on two occasions during his four-year tenure in 2018. The Australian cricket team (CA) had to step in to bring the team together. Later, Langer had no choice but to walk away from his role as coach.

Simon O’Donnell firmly believes that Australia’s poor performance in the T20 World Cup is because Langer is no longer in charge of the team’s affairs.

“It’s when the player’s opinion started coming in when that got so ambiguous,” O’Donnell said at the SEN Breakfast on Tuesday.

“Leadership can never be negotiated, you can never be there because the players say they love you. You are there because the performance has to be at a certain level and there are certain standards that you have to set to get there.”

The Australian side, led by Captain Pat Cummins, said they wanted to go in a “different direction”, noting that they wanted to move away from Langer, and then MacDonald was adopted as his successor.

“Do you think Craig Bellamy (Australian professional rugby league football coach) is everyone’s best buddy? What Craig Bellamy does is he explains to everyone their role… a very simple mantra, a very simple psychic,” said O’Donnell.

Bellamy has yet to coach a losing season in the National Rugby League, maintaining a win-loss ratio better than 50 percent for every season he coached.

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Before leaving his job after the Ashes’ big win earlier this year, Langer led Australia to their first T20 World Cup in 2021 and then helped them keep the Ashes.

“He (Langer) has been really good with the guys. He has been on for a long time and has been very successful,” O’Donnell stated. “He couldn’t have been as successful as if they hadn’t played with him, and they did. He (the players) turned around, and now we’ll find out if the turn and the players’ decision to switch will be good for Australian cricket. The next 12 months are very important, not just for Andrew MacDonald but for the players. .

“I’m a big believer that you can’t lead with negotiations. You can’t lead by saying I’m going to do it that way as long as you guys are happy. Andrew MacDonald should put his stamp on this and say, ‘That’s me as a coach,'” O’Donnell added.

“He’s a set player, so how does he do that? How is their mate and boss too? When that streak breaks I just see a problem. I hope there isn’t, because Andrew MacDonald is a ripped guy, he’s a very good coach, but I think the podium he used is a podium Really serious.”

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